How to learn to drive a car ?

How to learn to drive a car ?

Driving of a good time is gradually becoming a necessity, but is also becoming an important element of a successful career.Most employers increasingly prefer candidates who have a driver's license, as a specialist mobility is considered a very useful feature.

How to learn to drive a car with a manual

Cars with manual transmission have appeared before, but it is believed that the master and manage more complicated than cars equipped with automatic transmission.Instructing possible with help of an experienced friend or using the services of the instructor.With friends you have plenty of time for the development of machine control techniques, however, has its advantages and work with the instructor:

  • Perhaps it will be easier to learn a skill, if you're sure that the instructor on the training machine insure you during your mistakes;
  • training sessions are limited in time, which means you'll be more focused;
  • In addition, the instructor - an experienced man is learning to drive, so he probably has several working procedures that allow you to easily master the skill.

Detailed instructions for driving a vehicle with a manual transmission is described in our article How to ride on the mechanics.

How to learn to drive a car with automatic transmission

Driving a car with automatic transmission (automatic transmission) start with an introduction to the features of its operation:

  • This car does not contain a clutch assembly and shift lever has the following notation: P -parking, R - reversing, N - neutral, D - drive (forward), L - assumes operation in the power saving mode;
  • only two pedals, "brake" and "gas."

Driving Instructions:

  1. Get behind the wheel, adjust the position of the seat and steering wheel, so it was convenient to look in the rearview mirror.
  2. Set the shift lever to P.
  3. position is controlled by one foot, that is, place your left foot on the floor and press the right pedal.
  4. Press the brake pedal and put the lever in D. Release the brake mode.Once the vehicle begins to move, press the gas pedal.The machine will go forward.
  5. switching the position of the automatic transmission lever, do not take our foot off the gas pedal.
  6. to stop the need to carefully press on the brake pedal.
  7. If you plan to stop short (up to 2 minutes), there is no need to change the position of the mode selector lever (leave it in position D).When you stop for longer periods, turn the lever to the N mode, and press on the brake.
  8. When you are planning a trip to stop, park the car, move the lever to P. Switch off the engine.

Convenience for a new driver in the automatic transmission is no need to switch the lever of automatic self-change speed and does it without jerks.The machine does not stall at the crossroads due to incorrect press the accelerator pedal, it is not necessary to squeeze the clutch and pressing it gently.

Driving a car has a lot of nuances and peculiarities, so novice motorists are not immune to wrong actions.On the most common mistakes while driving, see the article How to travel by car.

Driving Instruction

Until recently to learn driving skills can be both independently and using the services of driving schools.On November 5, 2013 self-study and examinations externally canceled.Therefore it is necessary to finish the driving school before going to the traffic police.

Driving shared learning theoretical bases, where you will learn about traffic rules and driving basics and practical - operation with a driving instructor.However, this does not mean that you do not have to spend time on self-study in these fields.Learn how to master driving read our article How to learn to drive.

information on other important matters relating to driving instruction, read the section Driving School.