How to learn to drive ?

How to learn to drive ?

of any situation is always a way out, so that, for starters, you need someone with a good driving experience, who can instruct on the right path.It will help when you first start.But, often, a teacher may be busy, neurotic or even lazy.Nothing should not get upset.We'll show you how to pull myself together and how quickly learn to drive.

Learn rules of the road

basis for each road user are rules.In no case can not begin to drive a car without knowing the logic of traffic and pedestrians.Navigate on the road should be without any doubt, because too many questions in your head will only distract you and make it difficult to concentrate while driving.So, the main task of any new driver, and not only the beginner - to know the rules of the road at the level of the natural reflexes.Otherwise, for driving on the road may not be the question.So, take up a book and learn the rules.To test your knowledge, there are a number of tests (both electronically and on paper).

We memorize road signs

However, the rules should brush up and signs.They should be able to read without ideas.But to fully understand their significance - take the exit to the city.Driving in the city is more complex, but it gives more experience.How to learn to be guided by the signs?You have two options, no more, no less:

  • you drive with the instructor of a driving school in the school car in the city, he explains the signs and says what's what.Thus, the necessary skills can be purchased fairly quickly;
  • you learn the signs with the help of the book, but do not drive until you catch the attention to the signs as a passenger.This means that you need to travel with family, friends or on public transport as a passenger, studying at the same time the driver steps on a definite sign.

Remember, just learn the signs of the book and remember their values ​​- that's not all.We must be able to read them on a subconscious level.Only after all this, you can get behind the wheel of your own car and get used to the signs, to study the situation.

How to learn to drive a car - the "first" day

Now in your arsenal in addition to a driver's license and the vehicle there is also the knowledge of traffic rules and signs.We hope that you know where you want to insert the key and how to get a move on, so that the focus will be given to the most important question - how to learn to drive.

One way to gain invaluable experience - ride through the city in the morning.Ideally, it will be summer.Thus, we can go about 5 o'clock in the morning.When it was light, but the road is not busy movement.Depending on your city, you will have an hour or two, to "dash" the necessary skills.This operation should be repeated more than once to memorize routes and acquisition of skills.

sure to get a sign of a novice, which equip their cars.Moreover, it provides for rules of the road.In addition, the ride on the designated car will be much easier - from the experienced drivers in your party does not follow the extra signals, and no one will twist a finger at his temple, showing your face.

So there you go!Before you start moving - fasten.This should not forget even for experienced drivers often neglect this rule.With the belt will be quieter, especially when you first sat behind the wheel of your own car.Turn on the parking lights, not to be trapped at the first visit and did not meet with an employee DPS.

go on the road you need to slowly and calmly, without haste.Given the little experience, better to keep yourself and your car.Note that if you are driving on the mechanics, the first few times you will be hard to get a move on.The machine may stall one, two or three times - it all depends on you.No matter how many times you do not stalled, be ready to signal the drivers behind, who have rebelled is driving.So, the main thing in this situation - not to succumb to nerves and to treat such situations with humor.

Remember that excessive nerve behind the wheel, vanity and haste, to no good result.Do not jerk, drive cars, slowly but surely.

How to learn to drive a car - second day

Now, we present a list of some more rules necessary to comply with the road-rookie driver.Very often, there is a question about the benefits of driving gender.Some people believe that women are more difficult to learn to drive men.But actually it is not.How to learn to drive a woman can be seen from the above examples, as well as following the advice that will be given below.

  1. Be careful not to make any sudden maneuvers (often newcomers feel "power" and begin to think that they are very experienced drivers, driving through the city at high speed, ignoring traffic lights).As a result, such a ride leads to disastrous consequences.
  2. not start moving as soon as the red light lit pedestrian - wait a moment.
  3. When rebuilt, pay attention not only to what is shown side view mirror, and quickly analyze the situation by turning heads.This maneuver will come with experience.
  4. When parking, do not place the car in a pile of others.To begin with, it is best Build out on the edge.
  5. move back?So, do not forget to include emergency gang to designate themselves.
  6. Turn off the transmission and the clutch when starting the car.If you have forged the car in gear, standing in front of the driver may feel a sudden stab in the back.
  7. Also, make it a habit to monitor the level of fuel in the tank, engine oil, coolant.
  8. Turn off lights during parking unwound car and keep the doors closed, especially if you had to, for any reason, to stop on the roadside.
  9. At first, try to ride without music to "feel" the car, and not be distracted by conversations with a number of seated passengers.

In order to secure all read, it is necessary, also, to see how to learn to drive (Video).But we should not forget that theory without practice is not worth much.