How to learn to drift ?

How to learn to drift ?

For many novice driving a car, in itself, is an achievement.But for those who have long been at the wheel and had time to hone your skills, there is a little boring driving through the city.They want a better feel for his car, speed.If you are one of these people, our today's article for you.In it, we discuss in more detail how to learn to drift.

Indeed, drifting - a kind of relaxation technique, getting away from the daily routine and problems.This drive, the adrenaline.More specifically - a special way of entering into the rotation technique.Options drifting a lot, and take possession of them is not so simple - it will take time and some effort.And besides, one more thing:

  • actual machine;
  • suitable training ground;
  • many tires.

Preparation machines

skip this step, you can not just wasted lose time, but considerably later spend on car repairs.

  • It is important, first of all, to choose the right tires for drifting.The harder it is better glide across the surface.And given the fact that to study is better to take less expensive advice: buy tires without tread, b / y - it is cheaper and more practical.
  • Very well, if you have a powerful engine.The drift speed is not as important as torque.Increase in the ratio when the engine overheats.
  • wheels must be precisely perpendicular to the surface.Rear springs should be more stringent than the front, and the car should be as low as possible.
  • As for the transmission, it is best to lock the rear differential.This makes it easier to stall the rear wheels.

The above settings you need to make before you learn how to drift away.But soon you will feel themselves as better tune the car for themselves.

Technique drift

As already mentioned, there are many ways of entering into a turn.If you are new to this business, try Method E-BrakeDrift.An outline of the steps of the method.

  • Depress the clutch and switches to neutral speed, release the clutch.
  • on the gas pedal keep the heel of the right foot and the toe is on the brake.With peregazovki trying to balance the rotation of the motor and transmission.When we came, the clutch and includes a lower gear, squeeze the clutch and squeeze the gas.
  • turn the steering wheel in the direction of the skid and pull the handbrake.Note: hold for about 1 second, max.Then, depending on what kind of drive, clutch (rear-wheel drive) or maintain momentum (AWD).
  • When the rear of the machine puts, unscrew the steering wheel in the direction of travel.If you want to stop the drift, you press the gas.

highlights we have already discussed, but there is a lot of information in the form of a video, learn how to drift.Viewing this information will help to further explore all the nuances of Fine Art.Having mastered the one way you can begin to master more complex.As a result, you will be an excellent skilled driver.We wish you good luck and easy way!