How to create an id on the iPhone ?

How to create an id on the iPhone ?

Each iOS-user requires Apple ID, without which the user can not install any software on your gadget, or to make a purchase in the App Store, or communicate via iMessage.In short, without the unique Apple-service account no American company will not be available to the user.This article will explain how to create, learn, and change the ID on the iPhone (iPhone).

Create ID

Make Apple ID can be like using iTunes on your computer and directly from the device.Let us examine both methods.

Create ID through iTunes

  1. We download iTunes from Apple's official website and install by following the prompts settings wizard.
  2. Open iTunes, in the store menu (iTunes Store) select "Create Account" (Create Apple ID).
  3. Click twice on "Continue" (Continue), the first press of confirms the desire to create an ID, the second - takes the user agreement.
  4. In the window that appears, specify the required data - e-mail, password (password), security question and answer (security Info), additional e-mai (optional rescue e-mail), date of birth (enter your date of birth).In the "Would you like to receive the following via email?" Put a tick, if we wish to receive company news.
  5. confirm the settings by clicking "Continue".
  6. In the next window you need to enter your billing information.These data will be used to pay for purchases in the App Store and other Apple services.
  7. Check your entries, click "Create Apple ID" (Create Apple ID).All!It is done!

Create ID via iPhone

  1. Go to "Settings", then "iTunes Store, App Store", select "Create a new Apple ID".
  2. In the subsequent windows indicate the country of registration and confirm the user agreement, click "Next" (Next) and "Agree" (Agree), respectively.
  3. In the next window, enter information similar to paragraphs 4 and 6 of the previous instruction.
    Tip!If you want to make id cards without payment information, in the "Payment Method" select "No" (None).
  4. check the data, click "Next".All!ID was created.

How to find out ID?

solve this problem is very simple: you just need to go to the "Settings" of the gadget and select "iTunes Store, App Store".In the window that appears in the upper field will be registered Apple ID.

How to change the ID?

pass the path "Settings / iTunes Store, App Store", choose a field Apple ID, in the drop-menu item "Exit".Window "iTunes Store, App Store" is updated, it will prompt you to enter a different ID or create a new one (sm.pervuyu instructions).

In general, the creation of your Apple ID and further manipulate them - problems are not that difficult to cope with them will be able, perhaps, any user.More about the work with the iPhone, see the section of our articles.