How to create a ringtone on iphone?

How to create a ringtone on iphone?

becoming the proud owner of the coveted iPhone, many users are faced with the problem of installation of a ringtone.Of course, a melody from the available standard is very simple, but what if you want to hear while a call is your favorite song?Either download ringtone ready (usually for money), or create it manually.

Ideally, of course, to learn the second option: it is economical, and convenient.It is not always you can find a ringtone from a song that you like.

On the Internet there are special services to create ringtones, but if you do not want them to look, you can create a ringtone directly to iTunes.

Create ringtones using iTunes

We create iPhone ringtone through iTunes has many advantages over other methods.This program is available to every iPhone owner, it does not need to look on the Internet (as opposed to any specialized software to create ringtones) and it does not need a long and difficult to understand.

To create a ringtone, you will need:

  1. Start iTunes.
  2. Add the selected song to your library (if it is not already there).
  3. Click on the right mouse button and select "Information" item in the popup menu.
  4. Then select "Options" sub-item.
  5. Once selected, you will see several options.Need "Start" and "End".Since the duration of ringtones for the iPhone can not exceed 30 seconds, you will need to select a specific section of a song you want to hear on the call, and manually enter the time of its beginning and end.Save your changes by clicking "OK".
    • Tip: not to choose at random (and not get the ringtone that terminates at half the phrase, for example), listen to the melody beforehand, select your favorite segments and pay attention to what they start, and some on a second - end.
  6. Now you need to save your new ringtone.To do this, click on the right mouse button and select in the drop-menu item "Create AAC version of the format."
  7. In your library you'll see duplicate songs appeared.It is necessary to click on it, right click and choose "Show in Windows Explorer".
  8. After that you open the folder with the new file.But to use it as a ringtone yet.You need to change its extension (by default it. M4a) on.m4r.Only after that it will be recognized as a phone ringtone.
    • Tip: Change the extension by pressing the F2 key on Windows or the Enter key on of iOS, or by clicking on the file, right-click and selecting "Rename" (in this case it is necessary to register manually after the file name).
  9. Go back to iTunes and delete the established in paragraph 6 of the duplicate.

that remains is to install the ringtone on your phone.This is done through the same iTunes software: you connect the iPhone, select the tab "Sounds" and "sync sound" option.

More information about creating ringtones for iphone, you will learn from the article How to install ringtones on the iPhone.