How to pass the driving ?

How to pass the driving ?

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How to pass the driving?

Today, the car is no longer a luxury, but quite affordable, and sometimes very necessary means of transportation.In order to legally get behind the wheel, you must have a driver's license.You can get them, just passing the exam, which is prepared numerous driving schools of the country.

Today exam for a driver's license consists of three parts: a test on the basics of traffic rules, playground and driving in the city.At each of these stages in a driving school students have problems, fear to fail the exam.Let's look at how to pass the driving the first time.

General tips

should come in a good mood on the exam.It is advisable to fully sleep, a square meal in the morning, take a shower.Do not take sedatives, because they reduce the rate of reaction.

clothing should be as comfortable as possible, the benefit of this is no requirement.With a worth taking only the most necessary things, and umbrella, phone, tablet, best to leave the house, so that nothing is forgotten in the car driving school.On the exam itself only go with confidence that you will pass.Because otherwise it can not be!

theoretical exam

exam on the right begins with the theory.Most often it pass without problems, but there are exceptions.To protect yourself from unpleasant incidents in the exam, we strongly recommend you get your own tickets.The most convenient way to solve them with the help of special computer programs, including online tests.Firstly, they are as close to a real examination program, and secondly, you can see the explanation at once in case of wrong answer.This is useful, not to make a mistake twice.

In the exam you will have limited time (only 20 minutes), so train yourself to answer questions quickly and correctly.Directly on the exam is recommended to very carefully read the questions, because the opportunity to correct the mistake is not.If you got to deal with the theoretical block - congratulations!Allow you to pass the driving range as well as in the city in the future.

maneuvers on site

second part of the exam on the right - Test Deposit circuit (site).Traffic Police Inspector appoints those exercises that you have to perform.Once you have learned the maneuvers that you have to perform, scroll in their head again.After all, many times you do them with an instructor, you should be familiar with every movement.

The most common exams are mini-groups.It is recommended to get to the first stream, thereby avoiding the excitement that tends to accumulate over time.In addition, the traffic police - the same person, over time it can get tired, and, therefore, to find fault and be angry.After all, people are different.After successful completion of the site you expect in city driving on the previously known route.

Driving in the city

Driving in the city is considered the most difficult part of the exam on the right.This is due primarily to the fact that you have to show complete independence in driving.In addition, on the road may encounter unforeseen situations, which should be ready.

When you get in your car to the inspector, be sure to greet him.You must be confident and friendly attitude.Before we start, a few times, check whether you did everything correctly.All actions and perform maneuvers with confidence, even if you know they were wrong.Sometimes the traffic police inspector can provoke you into error.Do not give in to provocations.If there is a controversial situation, you should definitely bring arguments from the SDA.

If the inspector begins to raise his voice at you, necessarily need to hold back.Firstly, it will lead to conflict, and secondly, your attention will switch from driving on the showdown.

What if I did not pass the exam?

Not all turns out right the first time to pass driving in the traffic police.How to behave in this situation?First of all, it is important to understand that nothing terrible has happened.Do you have an unlimited number of attempts to pass the exam.Will you take more lessons at a driving school, poreshat tickets, have a rest, and everything must come out next time!And, you can read our article: How to surrender the city to the traffic police and How to pass the driving test, perhaps, they will help you tune in to the next attempt.Good luck on the road!