How to pass the SDA ?

How to pass the SDA ?

to obtain a driver's license you must pass the exam in the SAI on the knowledge of traffic rules.This exam consists of two phases: submission of a theoretical part - it takes place in the form of tests and for rent in the CBT, renting a practical part - on the court and the city.We offer practical tips, recommendations: how to pass traffic from the first time, without repeating.

Preparation for passing the theoretical part of the SDA

Any theoretical knowledge - is the result of meticulous study everyday.Without learning the rules there will be no knowledge - it is an axiom.Therefore, it is necessary to start with a conscious daily study of the theory:

  • road signs;
  • regulator signals;
  • rules drive;
  • rules of first aid.

where everyone has their own method of memorization.Some are stored externally, figuratively, others logically, creating interconnected chain of action sequences.But without learning even memorization, simply can not do.We must remember that on the road while driving, there will be no time trying to remember, that means one or the other sign, how to act when the driver or another signal regulator.Any delay on the road can cause an emergency situation.Therefore, it is necessary to know the theory very well, almost automatically remember the rules, with instantly.

next stage of training - is the execution of tests.Everyone knows that the exam will be asked 20 questions.Only twice it can be a mistake.Otherwise, the exam will not be delivered.

On the Internet today you can find all the options of the data of the test.It is necessary to train all the time, do and do tests until there is a single mistake.Remember, just do not make mistakes in the preparation of the house, it is hoped that there will be errors, and in the exam.Invalid think those who think that maybe get lung issues as some will understand.This misperception.Miracles do not happen in the exam.Sat - is the result of serious work.

And more advice on how to pass regulations Exam.Let us recall the well-known law philosophy: only the quantity turns into quality.So, it is not enough to perform a few test papers.There should be so many as to obtain high quality results.How many have to carry options - depends on the individual, his knowledge, skills and abilities.

important stage of preparation theory is riding on the simulator.This creates a typical situation that can occur on the road.Using theoretical knowledge, it is necessary to gradually form practical skills.This combination of theory and practice is well demonstrated in the gym classes.

So, the first stage is over, the theory of traffic rules in the traffic police to learn.Now you can begin to prepare for the second part of the exam - practical.It was here, at the site, and then while driving through the city, see the difference in the preparation of students of driving schools.

no secret that someone from childhood went by car, sitting next to his father, watching as he leads the car.The child-teen already knows the purpose of lighting that is the clutch, gas and brake.Others do not have such a primary experience.They do not know the elementary - how to turn on dipped beam, windscreen wipers, because no one ever he talked about it.The only experience in their drive - it's a taxi ride or someone from relatives or friends, with random, one-time fee.

Therefore, the preparatory process will be completely different.Some very quickly mastered the material, a few lessons are ready to go around the city.For others, this process is delayed.But do not despair.If desired, patience, industriousness everyone can learn to drive a car.

Practical skills to pass on traffic

exam To pass the practical part of the exam, you need adequate knowledge and skills that have been formed in the course of employment with the instructor in a driving school.Here are the main ones:

  • Eight Perform, ieFood obstacles.
  • Departure from the garage and the entrance into it, and, both right and left.
  • entrance to the elevated surface - in practice, this can be any mountain, a bridge, leaving the paid underground parking, etc.
  • When driving around the city checked how well in practice, a person can apply all the rules of the road: changing lanes while moving, riding at a crossroads, and, as a regulated or not, check and check-in on the local area, emergency parkingand much more.

This is perhaps the most difficult part of the exam, because it occurs in the immediate presence of traffic police officer who may ask enough challenges along the way.You have to be very focused and attentive, confident in their knowledge.

exam completed.Ahead - the ordeal.

Psychological exam preparation

To pass the exam, psychological preparation is important to him.Here are a few tips to help you tune in to the delivery of practical and theoretical parts of the first time:

  • necessary to go to the exam with confidence in their knowledge, not fear, and strive to show all the best, I learned in driving school.
  • Tune it to win a positive result, and not the fact that you can re-take if something does not work.Only the victory - and nothing more should not be interested in the day of the exam.
  • Do not worry, be focused and very attentive.
  • not think that the inspector wants to be sure to "fill up" on your exam.He's just doing his job, gives access to the production rights, I am firmly assured that the person has good driving skills.

Good luck on exams!

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