How do I delete contacts from the iPhone?

How do I delete contacts from the iPhone?

Most owners supported by iPhone, after the purchases are often faced with the fact that their "new old" phone, to overflowing clogged contact the previous owner.He apparently thought it necessary to provide you with this valuable information, but rather he was, like many others, do not know how to remove the contacts with the iPhone.

This can be done manually by going to the contact list, then click the icon by selecting "Edit", then "Edit" and "Delete".Manual removal is convenient if you want to delete a small number of contacts or selected numbers, but what to do if a thousand contacts, and more.And to make the deletion, a couple of dozen records manually, you see, uncomfortable.

output is always there, and in this case it is extremely easy.

To delete all the contacts from your iPhone, you should use the following step by step instructions.

  1. Connect iTunes and synchronize with the iPhone standard service.(By pressing the "Sync" in the telephone control menu)
  2. Open the device tab and choose where we connected iPhone.
  3. appeal to the context menu "Information", and put a mark against the item "Sync contacts".Sync with the program, in which the contact list is empty.
  4. following in the tab "Extras" mark the option "Contact"
  5. Click "Apply" and press the function "Change data" in the resulting dialog box.

As a result, after synchronization and perform all the above actions, the telephone book of your iPhone will be completely empty, and if necessary you can absolutely free to add to it the new contact details.

That's it!In this example, we have successfully covered how to delete contacts from iPhone 4. In a similar manner removes the previous models iPhone (2G, 3G, 3GS), and the date is now 4S and the newest iPhone 5.

occupies this procedure is quite smallamount of time.It is necessary to pay tribute to the comfort, convenience and iTunes speed.

is worth noting that the easiest way to synchronize with Microsoft Outlook on Windows or Contact book.It is worth to be sure to take into account that the contact list has to be unfilled.Otherwise, the old will be automatically saved contacts on your iPhone.