How to pass the driving test ?

How to pass the driving test ?

Some relief overstep certain age, trying to forget, like a bad dream, a period of carefree youth.The period when it was necessary to learn to observe discipline and take tests.Perhaps that is why, most of the future drivers shudder to come to the exam in the SAI.Getting right to drive a car for some turns into a difficult, almost impossible task.

Even if you have a good drive, it is extremely difficult to strict inspector steady hand to hold the steering wheel and brake gently on the team, without jerks.How to pass the driving test, how to prepare for it mentally, how to keep in mind the theoretical part?

Surprisingly, the exam - not the most difficult in the life of everyone.It is easier to pass the young, 18-year-old than after thirty.And not because the young man remembers better information and a quick response.He just did not weaned from the role of "examinee" and has a certain immunity to all sorts of tests.


According to statistics, the theoretical part of the exam pass most.That is, it is necessary to understand that the questions and tests are designed so that they may learn.And any student will confirm that knowledge give confidence and instill calm.Because you need to learn.

There is a bit of practice to tighten the start of the exam.As long as people waiting for their turn, they lose the remnants of his presence of mind and begin to tremble, forgetting what is left in his head.It follows from this: try to get to the beginning of the exam in the first stream, if there is a queue.If, however, you still have to wait, do not move in a head-established knowledge on the new shelves, it is better to escape: a cup of coffee, call or just to talk with colleagues.

When you see the question (usually every examinee gets a place near a PC), do not rush to respond quickly and with excitement.Time you will have enough on it to read the question and thinking to answer.You can answer the questions out of order, which is convenient.If you are not sure, you know the answer - answer to the first questions that you know well.Then go back to the complex.A written survey is also possible, but in practice this is rare.To maximize confidence in their answers, it makes sense to practice at home, take a driving test online, with the help of updated tests.


After passing the theory you can confidently direct their thoughts toward a test drive.The practical part of the exam is divided into two parts.

First you need to perform some obligatory exercises at the site.Passing the exam for driving a category "B" involves 4 tasks.

  • movement on the rise.The driver offered to start moving up the hill, then stop the machine before the line "stop".
  • turns.They are spaced at 90 degrees, can not cross the line of control.
  • Parking Parking
  • reverse.

These exercises are easy to perform, if feel comfortable behind the wheel.No inspector deems unsuccessful delivery attempt, if the candidate will move slowly, so do not rush.

second stage of putting the practical part - driving around town.The exam and the result depends not only on the skills of the candidate, but also on the mood and the severity of the inspection.There is no clear mandatory exercise or jobs that you may be asked to perform.However, in this part of the inspector may take points for an incorrect starting or irregular command signal.Therefore, carefully watch your movements, especially in the beginning.Fasten, look in the mirror, turn left turn and remove the car from the parking brake.Slowly begin to move.

Practical driving test has the task to identify weaknesses and gaps in the knowledge of the candidate.Each of his miscalculation will be seen and will affect the final result.If you look at the table, guided by a verifier removes points, it becomes clear that some mistakes are punished severely unexpectedly.For example, the lack of rotary signal while driving is equivalent to the average error, and even a small impact on the stop line before stopping at traffic lights - to the largest.

In general, the exam in the traffic police have been many, and not because he is afraid, seem from the outside.It is important to prepare well the theoretical part, because a good start gives confidence in their abilities.Then the practical part of the exam will take place smoothly and without complications.