Do I need a car at a power of attorney ?

Do I need a car at a power of attorney ?

After the Government of the Russian Federation adopted the Decree on amendments to some acts of government (dated 12 November 2012), the question of whether the power of attorney for the car needed, largely lost their relevance.In particular, in the Decision and went on a new procedure to use the power of attorney.The changes were primarily about bringing the power of attorney in certain cases specified by law.First, we will list the cases in which the power of attorney to present strictly necessary, and then we'll talk about the other situations.

Do I need a power of attorney for the car when the insurance?

Getting MTPL policy - one of the few times when you need a power of attorney to the presentation of the vehicle.But after receiving the MTPL policy it he will serve as a proxy, because you can write absolutely everyone who trusts a car owner in it.Thus, you will now need to submit only MTPL policy and law, and, of course, the document on registration of the vehicle.Other cases where the presentation of a power of attorney will be required, include the cases of setting the car registration and deregistration, as well as if you take the car to the car pound.In these cases, the CTP insurance policy is not enough.

Do I need a power of attorney on the car while driving?

No, the new law abolishes the presentation of a power of attorney to employees of traffic police in the handling of the vehicle.If the registration document, right and liability insurance policy tool in place, no further documents from the traffic police has no right to demand you.Thus, if you sit behind the wheel, but are not the owner of the vehicle, all you need (of course, except for your rights and the document on registration of the vehicle) - is that your name has been inscribed in the MTPL policy.It is very convenient as earlier drivers ezdivshie proxy, often suffer because of this.So, because of the delayed proxy driver can easily fined a few hundred rubles, and the machine itself is most often sent to the car pound.Now, such a situation completely excluded.

What else can give canceling the power of attorney?

With regard to the traffic police, they greeted the news very restrained.Traffic Police bosses said that in connection with the abolition of the power of attorney can significantly increase the number of thefts of cars.The fact is that if the MTPL insurance policy issued without restrictions, it is virtually impossible to determine who sits in the car - a trustee or hijacker.Therefore, the police warned vehicle owners that they have carefully kept their documents, because to find the stolen car is not always possible.

When required notarised power of attorney?

This question is common among car owners often enough, but the answer to it, in the meantime, it is extremely simple: any public.There are situations where you could ask for a notarized power of attorney to control the vehicle.The fact that the notarization of virtually all transactions made with the car, not provided for by law.Hence, to pay for notarization of the power of attorney is not simply because it is not useful to you.A notarized power of attorney from owners of cars sometimes required before, but now the need for it completely disappeared.