How to remove the program from the iPhone?

How to remove the program from the iPhone?

Remove Programs from iPhone mobile phones has always interested many!A new quality relation, an additional amount of features make today's mobile phones are not only a fount of information and entertainment.To learn how to remove the program from the iphone, tell our article.

There are many ways to remove the program from the iPhone.Everything depends on the way in which you installed the program in the iPhone.The main thing - is the type of source from which the program was installed.

Step by Step uninstall

If your iPhone you have installed the software from a store whose name App Store, regardless of whether the synchronization device with iTunes whether used or not, the way to remove the program the following:

  1. Select app on iPhone
  2. screenUse your finger to touch his
  3. icon Hold your finger for 5 seconds.Thus, we expect that the icon began to "flash»
  4. should now click on the cross to remove
  5. application Then click the «Home» button to return the iPhone's screen to its original state

If you installed the program from the program shellwhose name the Cydia, which is placed on the iPhone when performing "jailbreak» (jailbreak), then such an application in a standard way to remove difficult.But how to remove the program from the iPhone in that case?

Cross may not appear next to the icon after the transition work area of ​​the screen in a certain mode.As a rule, it is called - editing applications.To remove an application, perform the following steps:

  1. Open Cydia
  2. find through a search application that you have installed
  3. Press «Modify», which is located on the top right of the screen
  4. menu that appears click on «Remove».Only in this case, the program is deleted.

There is another way to learn about how to remove the program from the iPhone.This method is for those who choose to operate the phone with the help of iTunes on your computer.With iTunes, you can delete programs that are downloaded from the App Store on iPhone.

  1. Launch iTunes
  2. program Connect the iPhone.When connecting you must use a USB-cable
  3. Go to the "Devices" tab on the "Programs"
  4. Now uncheck the application that you want to delete
  5. Synchronize.To do this, click "Sync", which is located in the iTunes

menu Now, with so many different ways you can quickly and easily remove the program from the iPhone.You do not need time to think or ask assistants.Simply view the step by step instructions to determine the application and you're done.