Do I need a hull ?

Do I need a hull ?

Many car owners are wondering whether the need CASCO whether to spend money on such expensive?To properly answer this question, we must understand that this hull, and what benefits it gives us.

What is CASCO

All car owners are familiar with the policies of CTP, because without it you have no right to drive a car.Is it subject to the rules on insurance CASCO?Do I need to Hull for the motorist?The answer is simple - no.However, there are exceptions to all rules.So if you buy a car on credit, then the policy Hull You will have to draw.

hull - is a voluntary form of insurance of cars and other vehicles.Insured events in this type of insurance is the damage caused to the vehicle as a result of:

  • accident, unlike CTP is that you will make the payment, even if the accident is the culprit yourself.
  • Illegal actions of third parties in relation to your car.
  • Impact on transport of foreign objects, natural phenomena and external forces.For example, if your car is a tree fell, inadequate pedestrian or damage your car, and so on.
  • theft.

When choosing an insurance company should be remembered that the rates for this type of insurance, in contrast to the CTP are different in different companies.So you should contact several insurance companies are trusted by insurers to calculate the insurance premium.And after receiving the results, choose the most acceptable option.Insurance premium (the amount, which will cost auto insurance) depends on many factors, here are the most significant:

  • Features of your vehicle (including its price, year)
  • Types of damage, from which you want to insure (listed above).After all, you do not need to insure the car against all kinds of prejudice, such as theft, if the model of your car is not among the most frequently stolen.
  • installed alarm system.
  • number of drivers, which will extend insurance, their age and driving experience.
  • Availability franchise and its form (the value of compensation that you are willing to pay for themselves).That is, if the damage caused to the machine does not exceed a specified amount, you repair the car at his own expense, and the insurance company pays only if the damage exceeds the deductible.The presence of a franchise can significantly change the cost of insurance down.At the same unconditional franchise you always have to pay for yourself.For example, if the deductible is equal to 15,000 rubles., And payout is 20,000 rubles, the insurance company you will get only 5,000 rubles.

Hull: the pros and cons

one, and perhaps the only significant disadvantage of Hull, is its high cost.That is, you will have to incur additional costs of car maintenance.

Many people believe that they are first-class drivers, but by accident no one is immune, and even if you are not the culprit of the accident, under the policy of compulsory motor TPL maximum payout is 120 thousand. Rub.And it does not always cover the costs needed for repairs.In this case, under the policy of Hull, you can count on a substantial payment.

In another embodiment.If, however, it happened, and you are the culprit, then without the policy Hull You will have at their own expense to repair the car that can hit hard on the budget.And at times exceed the amount of money you would have spent on CASCO policy.

And times when you went in the morning from the house, and your car well crushed and disappeared?This, too, is, and in this case the hull as well protect you from unexpected costs.

In addition to policy holders CASCO has a system of customer support in the event of an accident, which includes free services Emergency Commissars (help with the paperwork in place of road accident), and the evacuation of the car.

Thus, whether to do Hull, every car owner decides for himself, weighing the benefit received under insurance and the costs to be incurred.