How do I delete photos from iphone (iPhone)?

How do I delete photos from iphone (iPhone)?

iPhone today hardly anyone is surprised, although a few years ago, he was available to very few people.And now this device has become a popular means of communication, which also has many entertainment features, such as photos, videos, games.And every photo taken on an iPhone, is attached to a specific address.Thus, the owner can remember where he was, looking at the picture on the card.But, unfortunately, not all photos are successful, and most of them are often simply bored.And then the only way to get their removal.However, you need to know how to delete photos from iphone to not accidentally be left without the photos at all.

Remove the photo

Perform delete photos from iphone possible 2nd ways.What is to be found on the desktop device icon with a sunflower, which represents your photos.After clicking on it you will open a list of your albums.If you did not create albums, then all of the default picture will be stored in the "Camera Roll" folder.It is necessary to open the desired folder, select the photo you want to remove from iphone and click on it.If you want to delete multiple images, it's best to start viewing the photos and pick the one you want to delete.After that, in the lower right corner of the need to find the icon with the image of "the trash", as a rule, it is located on the pop-up panel.If the photograph you can not see any panels, it appears, if you touch the screen with your finger.To delete a photo you need to click on the "trash can" and to make a choice - to remove the picture.

delete multiple photos

The second method allows you to delete multiple images.To do this, before to remove a photo from iPhonesleduet View photos and select an album.Then in the upper right corner should click on the arrow.As a result, the words "Select photos" should appear at the top.Now you can select multiple photos and they are removed from iphone at the same time.To select the photo you need to click on it.It should see a red check mark, and it is pale.To deselect, press on the photo again.If you need to delete all the pictures, you should click on the extreme image and hold your finger a couple of seconds, and then moving a finger across the screen, you need to capture all the photos.Once the photos are selected, press the "Delete" button, which is located in the lower right corner and confirm the choice or cancel the operation.To exit back to the image playback mode, press on the top right button "Cancel".Now that you know how to remove a photo from the iPhone, and they will not bother you.