How to install Cydia?

How to install Cydia?

Each holder of an iOS device probably more than once thought about how to install the jailbreak on your device to access the third-party repositories (source) software.If you recently upgraded to version 8 OS and already have access to the iPhone or iPad file system using Pangu8, then you might want to learn how to install the Cydia, because it is not installed along with the jailbreak.

How to install Cydia manually?

Before proceeding to the installation process, you should make sure to jailbreak functionality.Now you can begin:

  1. Install program «SSH Connect»: click on the icon «Pangu», located on the desktop, smartphone or tablet, select «Open SSH» and click Install.Wait until the installation is complete.
  2. Download files from the Internet Cydia.deb and cydia-lproj on your computer.
  3. Next you should download these files on iOS-device help in FTP-client via SFTP protocol.To do this, use, for example, WinSCP or Cyberduck.
  4. To install Cydia on of iOS, you need to connect your smartphone or tablet to the same Wi-Fi network as your computer.
  5. Now go to your device settings, where the need to select «Wi-Fi» section and click on the button «i», then remember or write down the IP-address.
  6. enable and configure FTP-client.To install Cydia on your iPhone or iPad, you must create a new connection via SFTP.The "Server" fill in the previously recorded IP-address.In the "User Name" is entered root, and remember to "Password» - alpine.As set port 21 or 22 (depending on which work).
  7. Now click "OK" button and agree with all the warnings.You will then see a file manager with a variety of directories.
  8. should go further in «Media» folder and create a directory in it with the name «Cydia».We go into it and create a folder «AutoInstall».Go to «AutoInstall» here and drag the downloaded file 2.Now right-click on each of the files, go to the menu "Info / access rights" and set the permissions to read and write "777".Repeat the last procedure is also established for each folder.
  9. Launch Terminal and type the command: ssh root @ IP device, and then press Enter.When prompted, enter the password alpine, and press Enter (when entering the characters are not displayed).
  10. enter commands: cd / var / root / Media / Cydia / AutoInstall /
  11. Finally enter dpkg -install cydia-lproj_1.1.12_iphoneos-arm.deb cydia_1.1.13_iphoneos-arm.deb
  12. To permanently install Cydia on the iPad or iPhone, restart the device.

details on further use of Cydia you can learn from an article by Cydia: how to use.