How to install the game on the iPhone?

How to install the game on the iPhone?

Technique of Apple more and more embedded in our lives.Before the iPhone was outlandish device, not only for Russia but also for the whole world, to meet a man with this gadget it was not easy.However, the market has developed and more and more people can get the data device.At the moment it is hard to imagine that in a subway car at somebody does not meet product from Apple, or whether it is an office, where you work, and on television more often flashed bitten apple.Many people, when choosing a new phone, give their preference to iPhone.And accordingly, in a growing number of people the question arises: how to install the game on the iPhone?There are two ways.

With iTunes and USB-cable

  1. First download and install iTunes from the Apple website, if you have not yet installed.Connect the iPhone to your computer via USB-cable.Open iTunes and go to iTunes Store tab.
  2. Next we need to create AppleID.Options for how to do a great many.Consider the most popular.Go to the category of "Top Free» ( «Top free»).And choose any application for download.iTunes will ask you to enter AppleID and password.If not, then select "Create new account".
  3. Once created AppleID and confirmed the so-called purchase, should go download the application.You can see this in the tab under iTunes Store.When the application is downloaded, it automatically falls into the "library", it will be able to find you in the tab "Programs".
  4. And to answer the question of how to install the game on the iPhone, is one step.Go into your iPhone tab in iTunes.Then go to the tab "Programs" which appears at the top of the window.Check to be checked "Sync" and check mark on the games and applications that you want to load on your iPhone.
  5. Then in the bottom right corner or press the button "Sync" or "Apply".Will the synchronization process, which will consist of several stages.Over the course of the event, you can see at the top of iTunes.It will be shown, which step is carried out, how many steps left and, of course, the nature of the action performed.

    After a while, the synchronization is complete and you will be able to enjoy the games and applications, and tell your friends how to install the game on your iPhone.

via the cellular network or Wi-Fi and AppStore

This method is perhaps a little easier to the above, however, it will require you to access the Internet directly from your iPhone.It is best to use Wi-Fi, it is usually faster, and save you money.

  1. 're on your iPhone AppStore and run it.
  2. bottom of the screen you can see the different categories.As in the first case, it is better to go first in the tab "Top 25" and then «Top Free».This is done first of all and then to omit the method of payment applications, ie credit card information.Either way you will always be able to specify or change.
  3. Select your favorite application and download it.AppStore will also require input AppleID and password.Accordingly, if it is not, then you can create it and then have to download the app.After the operation you will be able to fully enjoy the creations of developers.