How to install the theme on the iPhone?

How to install the theme on the iPhone?

standard theme on your phone - it's good, but what if you still want to change them to something more pleasant eye?Indeed, over time, any topic is boring, and the question arises, how does it change?In the installation on the iPhone has its own characteristics, although this procedure is quite simple, and absolutely does not require much effort.

If you too are interested in how to install the theme on your iPhone, you should pay attention to the special app for that.

iPhone PC Suite + WinterBoard

To use this application, you must, in advance, install the program on your phone SummerBoard.Also, the computer must have installed the PC Suite is a program the iPhone and iTunes.To install the theme, first you need to find one that interests you, and download it to your computer.She must lie unpacked in a separate folder.

finished with the preparations, you can start to install the theme on your iPhone.

Using a cable, connect your phone to your computer, and run the PC Suite is an application the iPhone.It is necessary to move the window to the "Topics".Next, you will be prompted to choose what you set - click on "SummerBoard".In the window that opens, you can see everything is already installed on iPhonetemy.To install a new one, you need to click the "Add Thread", and select a folder on the computer in which it lies.If the theme is not compatible with the phone, the program will warn you about this and offer to cancel the download.After you install the theme, you can make it active in the phone, in prilozheniiWinterBoard clicking the check box next to the desired.

How to install the theme on iphone?If desired, you can set your theme without using the iPhone PC Suite software.To do this, you need to have Cydia on your phone program.In it, you can choose a topic that interests you, install it, and mark its checkbox in the WinterBoard application.

Where can I get themes for the iPhone?

Set topic, quite simply, but, first, you need to have a topic you want to install.The easiest way to find interesting and beautiful theme - find it on the Internet.Many enthusiasts create them, and allow free download for everyone.However, some topics may not be compatible with WinterBoard, because of what set them by the above method does not work, because they simply will not work.But if you try, you can find the theme that will satisfy all your requirements, and will not bring any problems.

But often it happens that none of those found not like.What do you do in that case?You can always try to create your own theme.To do this, you can simply use the program ThemeBuilder.With its help, you can create a theme directly on your iPhone.If desired, you may like to create a theme from scratch, so, and simply edit the already finished replacing neustraivaet parts.

This program allows you to edit all the topics that are already installed in WinterBoard, so you can be assured of compatibility with the theme you have created this app.To create a theme is enough to specify a background image, icons for the installed programs, the status bar, and various indicators.

Now that you know how to install the theme on iphone, and where to get them.