The iPhone 4 is good ?

The iPhone 4 is good ?

line of iPhone devices turned an idea should look like a modern mobile phone.With each version of the smartphone characteristics increased.The peak of perfection of this line of Apple products today is the iPhone 5.

iPhone 3 vs iPhone 4

Beginning with the fourth version, Apple began to set their own processors iPhones.Prior to that, the company has purchased these items from Samsung.If we talk about the iPhone 4 is better than 3 models that can be answered briefly: "Everyone."Ayfon 4 processor with a clock frequency of 1000 MHz much greater than samsungovsky processor whose frequency by installing it in the iPhone 3GS, and software have lowered to 600 MHz.In addition, the amount of RAM has doubled (up to 512MB), there was a front-facing camera, increased operating times, the screen resolution has doubled in each direction (up to 640x960 pixels).The only feature that could counter the iPhone 3S when leaving the iPhone 4, - the use of a standard SIM.Four used the micro-SIM, which then (in 2010) were in short supply.Although this problem is not fundamentally - the card can be simply cut with scissors.

In 2011 he released the iPhone 4S, which has retained the appearance of its predecessor, but has acquired more powerful "iron".In late 2012 there was a major competitor models 4 and 4S - iPhone 5. Consider than iPhone 5, iPhone 4 is better, but what could be worse.


He became wider (4 inches vs. 3.5) and thus are thinner, thus reducing the thickness of the entire device and 7.6 mm.(And that was 9.3 mm.).At the same time increase the screen resulted in a logical increase in the length of the device.It increased by about 8.5 mm.and amounted to 123.8 mm.Some skeptics have claimed that the size does not allow the use of a new phone model with the same comfort as the old one.Nevertheless, the practice of many users showed that no problem increasing the screen area did not bring.But now displays more information.In addition, much better machine began to behave in bright sunlight.

Front camera

She first appeared in the iPhone 4. The iPhone five is good in this respect, the fact that now the camera supports recording in HD 720p with the extension.The 4 and 4S has been the ability to keep a record in VGA-mode the.


If output model 4S doubled the number of cores in comparison with the 4th model and amounted to 2 (processor A5), then the iPhone 5 has also increased this figure by half.Now the device is controlled by a 4-core central-A6.Accordingly, the speed increased from the unit to the machine.In addition, graphics processor (which is part of the main processor chip) was also modernized.His performance in the iPhone 5 has grown by about half.This, in turn, increased the number of frames per second, which are displayed on the screen during games.Play now become more comfortable.

Operating System

more powerful processor controls the fifth model of improved OS (iOS 6).It included significantly updated all the basic features of the previous iOS 5. In addition, added more than two hundred new features that improve not only the usability of the device, but also the reliability of operation of the device.For example, the voice assistant Siri can now run any application on the user's command and even make SMS dictation.

sound quality

last (fifth) model is equipped with three microphones (to two, which were installed in the precursor smartphones).This enables much more effective to suppress ambient noise, sound transmission that brings a new level.


The iPhone 4 is good, so is the fact that it uses a micro-SIM.As stated above, this would be a problem if the output device (such cards were in short supply).Now, a sim card without any problems can be purchased at any post office.But the nano-SIM - a new generation of chips for the fifth model phones - while still a relative rarity.And cut the SIM card, as it could be in the transition from a micro-SIM to SIM, it does not, a new generation of SIM cards are different.

At this moment the only objective lack of the fifth model, which, at first, felt not all users, and, secondly, will soon (with the emergence of a large number of commercially available nano-SIM) will cease to be relevant.

As you can see, the fifth iPhone - not just the most recent and modern, but also significantly better than its predecessor.However, if we talk about what good the iPhone 4, it is possible to point to a more comfortable and familiar SIM card, and a lower price compared to the iPhone 5. Despite the fact that the fourth plays fifth iPhone, to buy a mobile phone is now easier and cheaper, andits capabilities and specifications are still at a high level.