Why deprive a driver's license ?

Why deprive a driver

Modern rules of the road are a few dozen points, the violation of which threatens to deprivation driver's license for the right to drive a car.The most common in this list are riding on the wrong side, and alcohol intoxication.After reading this article you will have a good idea of ​​what deprived of a driving license.

For any traffic violations are taken right?
  • For failure advantages vehicles of special services, if they are included sound and light signals: 1-3 months -

  1. deprivation of life.
  2. for driving without a registration number, and if the room is not located at the designated place, or hidden with the help of any tools.
  3. deprivation of rights - from 3 months to six months:
    • If you violate the rules of passage through the w / e crossing (stop at the level crossing, passage at the closed gate, travel on forbidding signal).
  4. deprivation of life - 4-6 months:
    • For driving in the opposite lane.
    • if permitted speed exceeded by 60 or more km / hour.
  5. prison terms - 6 months-1 year:
    • For driving the vehicle mounted with the front of the lighting, color and mode of operation of which specifications are not matching with the main provisions and requirements of the CU admission to operation.
    • If the car has a false number.
  6. period of 1 year:
    • Repeated violation of railways fare rules.
  7. deprivation period - 1-1.5 years:
    • In the case of alcohol consumption by the driver, drugs and other prohibited items after the accident.
    • When leaving the accident scene.
    • In case of refusal of the survey on alcohol intoxication.
    • transport management coated with a tsvetograficheskimi diagrams operational services.
    • If the vehicle is illegally installed a device to emit a light and sound signal.
  8. life in prison - 1.5-2 years:
    • When transmitting driving a person who was in a state of intoxication.
    • When driving in a state of drug and alcohol intoxication.
    • When illegal use of sound and light signal devices.
  9. At 3 years:
    • Repeated driving while intoxicated, and if there was a re-transmission driving a person in a state of intoxication.

Can deprive a driver's license for violations that are associated with the transportation of dangerous, heavy and bulky goods?Yes, they can, if as a result of an accident, associated with it, have been victims of or have suffered injury.

Deprived of a driving license, what to do?

deprive a driver's license of the driver can only judge, but the traffic police officer has the right to withdraw them at the site of the offense.Instead, the rights issued a temporary permit, which is valid for 2 months.The term of license suspension takes effect after the final court decision, in which the driver turned.

If your suit takes a period of more than 2 months (walking on the courts often takes a lot of time), then in this case it is possible to replace a temporary permit, which is valid for 1 month.

Return of driving license to persons who have expired deprivation of rights, made after submission of a certificate from medical institution in accordance with the law.