What good is the iPhone 5 ?

What good is the iPhone 5 ?

Iphone 5 - a smartphone that was designed by the famous designer Jonathan Ayvom.This designer has worked for Apple.This is the sixth generation of smartphones.It should be mentioned that the iPhone 5 - is the successor to the iPhone 4S.The operating system on which it runs - it is iOS 6. Officially it became available in September 2012.

iphone 5 What is the difference

Let's see what's new in the iphone 5?Not difficult to guess that this is a completely new design.This smartphone has a thickness equal to 7.6 millimeters.It is very small.The creators, in order to achieve such a result, it was necessary to create a small copy of every detail.For example, Nano-sim card, almost 44 percent less than the Micro-sim card.iSight camera is eight megapixels was reduced to twenty-five percent.Function was more.It:

  • shooting in low light, moving and panoramic photography.
  • A6 second processor is much faster A5 th, takes place at the same time on the twenty-two per cent less.

Together, it turns out that this smartphone is much easier than the old one.In appearance, the new version of the previous one, does not differ.Glass screen casing is made on the basis of metallic materials, flat front and rear.There is also a camera.The new smartphone can be found in white and black.

positive quality iphone 5

What good iphone 5?Let's look at the positive side of this unit.

  • Of course, the first positive feature - a smartphone screen.He has a very high resolution of 1136 x 640 pixels, 326 pixels at an inch, that is 727,040 pixels.This allows us to see a picture of a very sharp image.Pixels, we do not observe even at arm's length.
  • special charm to the simplicity gives this smartphone and the interface work.
  • 60 times per second the screen is updated.Therefore, on the screen we can see the neat and smooth animation.
  • Touchscreen hypersensitive.This allows the user to get exactly what he needs.

Also note any smartphone owner draws a simple and fun interface.In a matter of time, it will not be difficult to understand all the functions provided.

Apple engineers created the first time in the history of this remarkable function as «Siri».This function works by voice (but, unfortunately, only in English).However, what it can, it is amazing.Thanks to it, iPhone is considered the "smart" phone in the world.

Corporate companies trick - it's banal box.No, it is not trivial.It gives charm and elegance of the device.After all, each product is wrapped in a beautiful box, which is sealed with plastic wrap.Thus, the buyer shows that no one has yet touched your smartphone.This is a distinctive feature that helps to distinguish the iPhone from other phones and fraud and, of course, makes it stand out.

What's wrong with the iPhone 5

However, not everything is as it seems.And the new smartphone has a number of drawbacks.Let's consider a number of issues that arise during its operation.

  • Firstly, from the user often receives complaints on the display problem.Either there are all kinds of flicker, there is a "bubble effect" (when the image is distorted when touched).
  • Secondly, the iPhone battery is quickly discharged.An hour goes by ten to fifteen percent of the battery.Even if the device is in sleep mode.
  • Third, the photographs present spot.Sometimes, near bright light sources, there is an effect of purple halo.However, according to the developers, this is not a problem.They are advised to hold the device horizontally, and the direction of the light sources (no corners) when shooting movies.
  • The fourth series of problems - this is the problem with Wi-Fi.The exploiters of the new smartphone raise the issue of the low data rate Wi-Fi network.However, the decision is available, if you switch to WPA2 encryption is not as secure WEP settings in the router.

From all the above, you can make one simple conclusion: if you want to buy this device, the purchase, but the number of problems still possible.

Now you know what the Iphone 5 at all and what it is good.