How to behave with the police?

How to behave with the police?

Often problems arise with respect to employees of traffic police and the driver.This is because the driver does not know their rights.He feels helpless.So never forget the simple truth, "informed - this means that armed."Today we will tell you how to deal with the traffic police.

legal act

car stop inspector is a legal act.With this and the traffic cop starts a conversation with the driver, which can carry serious consequences for both sides.Without the need for traffic inspector does not have to stop your car.But more often it is easy to be able to explain to stop checking documents or anything like that.

you need to know exactly when the inspector has the right to stop you to understand how to deal with traffic policemen.

  • Violation of the driver or passenger traffic rules.
  • Available data indicate that the driver or the passengers involved in the accident.
  • exercise of traffic decision of the authorized body on the Prohibition movement.
  • Bringing the driver to assist the police or road-users.
  • Checking documents for vehicle control.

How should behave traffic police inspector

After the traffic police stop a vehicle, the inspector should be presented.He calls his position, rank, surname and the reason why the car was stopped.

You should be aware that in some places you are not allowed to stop.This section of the road with limited visibility before the turn, and after him, in front of pedestrian crossings, intersections, railway zones, etc.

How to deal with the traffic police

  • Politeness.On how you can properly understand the psychology of traffic cop, will depend on the course of further developments.Understand the most important thing, despite the fact that the traffic police is the performance of their official duties, he still remained an ordinary person.It has its advantages and disadvantages.Therefore it is natural that you it can something not to like.At the same time it is also your behavior may or may not like.It says that under all circumstances, in the first place, you have to be polite and restrained.Even if you are confident that the inspector is wrong.To prove their case will be difficult.And if he saw that you had indeed violated the rules - it is impossible.STSI own technical means evidence of violations of the driver.
  • objections.You will be able to object inspector only if introduce a strong case.To do this, you need to clearly know the rules of the road and their own rights.Best of all, if your car will always lie brochure with Traffic Regulations, in the event of a dispute with the inspector.In the report write: "I do not agree," then you will be able to challenge it.Be sure to record in the minutes of all the witnesses, if such exist.

How to deal with the traffic police in the interrogation

If the traffic police inspector decided to have you questioning, you know, he has no right to do it without witnesses.If it does not appeal to witnesses, do not remind him about it.In court, you will be able to prove that the inspector's actions were illegal and closed the case against you.

Do sit down in the car traffic police

New Administrative Rules in Art.70 says that the inspector can offer to sit in his office car.It can only be a proposal to make it you have no right.If you want, then it can stay in your car.In addition, the regulation of it is clear that the driver has the right to video or audiosemku.You can be a useful record of the conversation with the cops in the prosecutor's office.

If a policeman is not right

If you are 100% sure that nothing has been violated and you want to apply illegal sanctions, try to specify the inspector that you do not deserve such actions on his part.Do it in the soft good shape.

If your question has not acted, go to the "hard confrontation".Hard, but not rude, explain to the inspector that his actions violate the established norms.Point out the dangers of such a position and will put up the peace initiative.

Think about each word, to communicate with the traffic police officer had to have negative consequences.