How do I restore a driver's license ?

How do I restore a driver

Restoring a driver's license requires a lot of time, nerves and costs.So the first thing the advice of professionals, in this case, is the search for identity at home and in the car.If you are sure that it you have not stolen, then look for yourself, turn the whole house before starting to draw up documents for the issuance of a duplicate.If the certificate is still there, it is necessary to start to learn how to restore a driver's license.

Obtaining a temporary permit

After the loss of identity is necessary as you can more quickly address the local department of the traffic police, to inform the authority about the loss.You first will be given a temporary certificate, which can be used for up to two months.If you are in the traffic police say anything else, please give details of the 41st paragraph of Regulations on issuance of driver's licenses.For temporary license will have to pay a fee.In some cases, a temporary certificate is issued, for example, when there is the opportunity to immediately issue a permanent.

Issue permanent license

After receiving the temporary license is necessary to know where to restore the driver's license to replace the temporary permission to duplicate permanent rights.This can be done in the traffic police department, which caters to you at registration.If you live elsewhere, but have a temporary registration, it is possible to come to the local office of the traffic police.And if you have no residence permit, go to any branch, you are required to serve.

These are the documents necessary to bring in the traffic, if you want to get a duplicate driver's license if it is lost.First of all, it is an application for issuance of a duplicate stating the reason.Next:

  • passport,
  • document confirming registration or registration,
  • medical certificate,
  • certificate of completion of a driving school.

Few words about medspravka.Expiration date - three years.If on the day of delivery is valid documents, even if 1 day left before the expiry of its validity, a certificate required to take.If the certificate is invalid, the Commission will have to take place again.If you save any previously issued driver's license, you have to make it as well.Next you need to provide a photo if there is no traffic police in automated manufacturing rights.

all of the above it is necessary to make two payment instrument: a receipt for payment of duplication (800 rubles), receipt exams in the traffic police.

What you need to know the driver well

Remember, if you learn how to recover the lost driver's license, that the re-take exams in a driving school or you do not have traffic.If they put once successful, will never take anything you do not need.All other claims and demands are illegal.Once you have passed the documents for the issuance of a duplicate driver's license, you will be called production time, after which you will be given new rights.Differs from the former they will only "Duplicate" inscription.

And now calculate how much time and effort it will take to ensure that restore a driver's license.So watch carefully, so that it was in place, take care of his safety.