How to glue the film on the car ?

How to glue the film on the car ?

carbon film is used to protect the vehicle from stones on the road, ultraviolet light, small scratches and slows down corrosion of metal cars.At the same time, the film gives the vehicle an original and unique look.

In order to understand how to glue the film on the car dry method, read the instructions carefully.

Necessary material:

  • Film Carbon (choose quality material);
  • Degreaser;
  • Primer;
  • Dryer (normal or building);
  • Raquel;
  • magnets.

Car preparation

  1. washed out and clear the car from dirt, sand and carefully wipe.
  2. heats the room in which the processing will be cars to 22 degrees.
  3. Disassemble small parts: lights, antennas, pens, which will interfere in the course of work.
  4. Degrease the surface.As a degreaser can be used antisilikon, which will remove remnants of adhesives and resin.You can also buy for this purpose a special degreaser in the store.

Preparation of carbon-film

To correct glue film carbon fiber on cars, it must be cut correctly:

  1. trace the contours of the necessary details on the film.If the item is large, fix film with the help of magnets.
  2. Cut sketches received with an allowance of 5 centimeters.

film Application

The following steps will help you understand how to properly glue vinyl on the machine surface:

  1. Separate the backing paper from the film.If you miss this point, the film is not glued to the surface of the car.
  2. Fix the tape along the edges of the surface to avoid the bias material.
  3. smoothes the film smooth movements from the center to the edges using a squeegee.Avoid the appearance of bubbles and folds.If you form a crease or bubble, separate the film from the surface and sticking it again.It should be noted that the punching needle or the error can not be cut in any case, it can lead to delamination of the film during operation.At this point, the film must be well smoothed.
  4. With dryer warms the surface, pasted film, evenly distributing warm air flow at Sway workpiece surface.
  5. After warming up again gently smoothes the film squeegee.
  6. Designated film gateways are handled as follows: Apply the primer and tightly pressed against the surface.
  7. After bonding film is cut off unwanted edges.
  8. leave the car in a warm place for 4-6 hours.

Care machine

  1. Do not wash the car and do not drive at high speed within a week after laminating film.
  2. Do not leave the car in places with high humidity.
  3. Wash the car manually, which will extend the life of the film.
  4. If you want to use non-contact cleaning, water should be supplied at a distance of 1.5 meters.

If you glue the film on the car, taking into account all of our recommendations and advice, vinyl flooring will serve you for a long time, and keep your car from scratches, rust and various contaminants that are rapidly removed from the surface of the carbon film.