How to restore the TCP ?

How to restore the TCP ?

Sometimes owners of cars it happens that they suddenly do not show in the usual place of the vehicle passport.If this happens, do not panic, you can just try to recover it.So, consider whether you can restore the TCP.

Recovery passport when it is stolen

If your vehicle suddenly lost passport, the first thing you should do - is to find out if he was kidnapped.If confirmed most terrible guess, the first thing you will need to visit the district department of MIA and write about this statement.It will not help you find your passport, but will limit the movement of fraudsters in a similar car.

only after you write an application, you can begin to understand how to restore the TCP.For this we need to visit the traffic police department, which will be produced and the restoration of the passport.It is necessary to take your passport, CTC and CTP insurance policy.If the registration certificate was also stolen by hackers, it will also have to restore.

Do not fit in your car to the site to inspect the traffic police.But there are also cases in which law enforcement officials want to personally check number units.It is necessary in order to avoid mistakes in the numerical data when issuing passports re vehicle.The very same process of how to recover lost TCP, in something similar to the formulation of a vehicle registration.

You will need to pay a state fee, the amount of which is 500 rubles, and in addition have to pay a duplicate of CTC, which costs 300 rubles (this certificate after the passport change automatically becomes invalid).

vosstanavleniju TCP in case of loss

also a passport must be attached a certificate that you received in the police department after the application of the theft.But what if you just lost PTSD?How to restore the TCP in case of loss?In this case, when writing the application in the traffic you need to add the phrase "vehicle passport was lost under unknown circumstances, I completely rule out the theft."After submitting this application you get a new TCP only marked "duplicate" and the new STS.

In order to restore the loss of a passport, you will have to repeat the same procedure and restore the TCP after the theft.However, for this procedure you will not have to exactly fit in the car for inspection.A stamp duty will be 300 rubles (only for the new CTC).State license plates are the same.

If you need to restore only the STS, then for this you will need the TCP as in the passport are made all the changes, and in the column called "special notes" will record that is issued a duplicate of the JTS and will be indicated its number.Pay a receipt for the issuance of a new passport or certificate can be directly on site traffic, as there is a special terminal.

Mayor, if you do not know how to restore the TCP on the car, the first thing you need to contact the traffic police authorities, as they organize a procedure for reissue of the vehicle passport.

procedure for issuance of a new Title will not take more than a few hours, if he lost a few days if it was stolen.In the latter case, you will need more time to determine the original data presented on car parts.

Thus, to restore the vehicle registration document, you must write a statement to the traffic police, while presenting a passport, insurance policy CTP, CTC and to the vehicle.Together with a passport and a certificate changes.This procedure will cost the motorist to 500 rubles state duty for TCP and 300 rubles registration fee for the CTC.Now that you know how much it costs to restore the TCP.

That is why, if you happened to such a nuisance for yourself, do not panic and follow the instructions that are given in this article.Success in the recovery of TCP!