iPhone 3G: how to sew ?

iPhone 3G: how to sew ?

Sometimes owners of iPhone 3G Postal question of replacing the software of iPhone 3G phone.How to flash it, tell our article.

For flashing you need a USB cable to the phone and iTunes latest version of the program.

method №1.Official

  1. necessary to download the firmware to support the official website.apple.com / downloads
  2. Copy the downloaded firmware to the folder «C: \ Documents and Settings \ Admin \ Application Data \ Apple Computer \ iTunes \ iPhone Software Updates».
  3. Run iTunes, and connect your phone to the computer using a USB-cable.
  4. Open the tab "Devices" where it will be shown your phone.In the "Overview" tab, press the button "Update software" and agree with the program offers.
  5. We wait a few minutes and have sewn iPhone.

Method №2.No official

All subsequent steps should be done without a sim card in the phone!

  1. Start download RedSn0w for Windows and click «Extras».
  2. introduce the device in «Pwned DFU», by clicking on the appropriate button, and follow the instructions on the screen.
  3. press «Cancel» In the window that appears.
  4. Run iTunes and see a message that the device is in recovery mode.Push the button «Ok».
  5. Hold the button "the Shift" and click the "Restore" button.iTunes can not long to think.Now, hold down «Shift», waiting for the appearance of the window with a choice of the necessary firmware.
  6. select the downloaded firmware by clicking "Open".Choosing a bootrom.
  7. In the new window, click "Restore".
  8. are waiting for completion of your phone firmware.In case of successful firmware you will see the welcome screen where you will write No-SIM.

Make Jailbreak

  1. Launch RedSn0w for Windows and click «Jailbreak».
  2. Push the button «Next» and enter the phone in the DFU, holding down the power button for 3 seconds and hold it, hold «Home» button for about 10 seconds.Now release the «Power» and hold the «Home» 10 seconds.
  3. Select the item «Install Cydia» and click «Next».
  4. are waiting for the passage of Jailbreak and Cydia installed.
  5. After rebooting, we will see the activation screen, with SIM card insert is not necessary!
  6. pass standard activation wizard.

Activation Network iPhone

  1. Turning off 3G.
  2. off and on the phone.
  3. Go to Cydia while the WiFi and do it updated.
  4. Select the item «Hacker» and click «Done».
  5. are waiting for the completion and set «ultrasn0w 1.2.5».Find it can be to find the (Search).
  6. turn off the machine.Insert the sim card and turn on your phone, while keeping your phone finds the network.

Now you know about the iPhone 3G, how to flash it.