Where to collect "Chevrolet " ?

Где собирают "Шевроле"?

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where going "Chevrolet"?

How bequeathed Comrade Bender, "the car is not a luxury but a means of transportation."And now it is more than urgent, when the development of transport systems and cities reached its highest level.Automakers are trying to adhere to global trends and market more new and quality vehicles.So in recent years indicate not yielding its position car "Chevrolet".

Our article tells about the geography of places collect different models of the brand "Chevrolet", "Cruise", "Aveo" and "Field".

Make "Chevrolet" has its origins in 1911, and it has already collected around the world more than a hundred years.Around the same time appeared the first car in Russia.During these more than 100 years, General Motors has already put on the automotive market more than 30 models of cars of this brand only.

Perhaps the most famous of all are the Chevrolet Cruise, Laccetti, Laguna, Aveo, but also "Field" for Russia.

There is one large-scale manufacturer - General Motors.However, the machine is collected in various parts of the world: in Asia, Europe and America.If we talk about specific countries, it is Japan, South Korea, India, Vietnam, the United States, Russia, Canada, Brazil, Mexico and others.

one of the global projects of General Motors considered starting production model "Chevrolet Cruze".At the time, this model has revolutionized, replacing predecessor - Chevrolet Laccetti.At the moment, the car is collected in Kazakhstan, South Korea, and, notably, at our plant in Shushary Leningrad region.

Equally important project for the assembly of cars, "Chevrolet" for Russia is also launching a line "Chevrolet Niva".This car is remarkable not only from an economic point of view, but is also important because it has allowed to revive the production of AvtoVAZ plant in Togliatti, where now and collect this compact modern SUV.

strategic enterprises in Ukraine is a factory for the assembly of Chevrolet Aveo.Where once produced a well-known "Zaporozhets", now collect this model.

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