How to glue tinted ?

How to glue tinted ?

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How to glue tinted?

car with tinted windows always attracts attention.Tinted car window in a specialized workshop is expensive.The article says about how to properly glue tinted glass yourself.

tinted glass

Toning of glasses with their hands - not an easy task.If you find a mate, and two of the best, will be much easier to handle.Otherwise, instead of saving costs to get a solid plywood windows.

During the work, you will need:

  • film (one roll is usually enough for 4 windows);
  • special scraper or plastic card;
  • soap solution (preferably glass cleaner);
  • water;
  • hair dryer building;
  • soft tissue;
  • knife for cutting paper.

Before purchasing a tape, you need to understand what kind of toning can be glued on the glass, as well as become familiar with the traffic rules with respect to the toning of glasses, which are given in this article: What is allowed toning.

  1. If this is your first experience, the windows have to be removed.Carefully remove them and entered the room, which will host the toning.This can be done both in the garage and in the apartment.Avoid common mistakes okleivaya outer surface of the tinted glasses.It is designed for internal gluing.
  2. First of all, with a special fluid or soap solution thoroughly washed out all the glass.If enough high-quality cleaning toning will not adhere to the glass.
  3. Getting the cutting of the film.Wetting the glass with clean water and applied thereto a film component side.Smoothes the film.Cut the necessary amount of glass contour, leaving 0.5-1 cm on allowances.The hardest part - cut out and glued on tinted rear glass, which has a convex shape.Most often it is not the film is smoothed without wrinkling.There is just and useful building hairdryer.Gradually heat the film: it will become more flexible as the temperature rises to 40-65 degrees.At the same time we stretch it on the glass to smooth out all the creases.Once this happens, cut the desired fragment, do not forget about the allowances.
  4. When all the pieces of the film will be prepared, proceed to fining the glass.Wets the glass cleaner or soap solution, carefully remove the protective film layer and are putting it to the glass.Gluing tint on the machine must be slowly, carefully and accurately.
  5. kicked out from under a film of air bubbles and water.If you do not, then after drying we get white spots on the glass.For this procedure, using a scraper, which is usually supplied to the film.You can use a plastic card.Wrapping it with a soft cloth to protect from scratches and toning squeezing air and water since the middle of glass and slowly move to the edges.
  6. reserve glass to dry for a day or accelerate this process by using a hair dryer building.

After drying is completed, carefully cut the bureaucratic knife edge of the film and set the glass back.

General recommendations laminating machine toning

  1. not necessary to save the film.Cheap Chinese film quickly fades, it is not elastic and greatly reduces visibility in the dark.
  2. For two days worth of insert seals on the doors and open the smoked glass.
  3. When tinting the rear doors should be removed from them, and the sill trim.So it will be possible to fill the film inside.This will prevent it, "scoring," and you do not have to redo the work.

tinted and not tinted

Window tinting has its advantages and disadvantages.

Benefits include the following points:

  • film helps to prevent heating of the passenger compartment during the heat;
  • in cars with tinted windows seat material is protected from burnout;
  • through toning, people do not see what's going on in your salon.It will also prevent thieves to get acquainted with the contents of your car;
  • in the event of an accident film protects against glass splinters injured;
  • many people believe that the tinted windows make the car more attractive and respectable;
  • dubbing film with shock-resistant properties make the machine glass invulnerable to bits, hammer and even a traumatic weapons.


  1. cheap films reduce the visibility in the dark;
  2. next driver can not see you, what's going on in front of your car;
  3. drivers neighboring vehicles during road maneuvers will not be able to understand whether you see them or not;
  4. tinting failure spoils the design of the machine.

If you have any questions, you can view the training video, which shows how to properly glue tinted glass, or view more information in the article How to tinted windows.