How to learn the traffic rules ?

How to learn the traffic rules ?

No doubt every driver needs to know traffic rules by heart.Of course, over time, the accumulation of experience, all the rules will be carried out on the "machine" - on a subconscious level, but to achieve this, the novice driver is very important to know them.It is not only the key to successful exam in the SAI, but also guarantee your safety on the road.

Study print literature

Many novice drivers think about how to quickly learn traffic rules.It is hard for those people who find it difficult to remember a very large amount of information, especially for a short period of time.Yet quickly learn traffic rules under the force of each.It is only necessary to know how to teach them.Let's look at the process of memorizing the SDA in more detail.First of all it should be noted that in order to learn the rules, you should always have them at hand.Do not leave them for a minute.Nobody knows when you will have at least five minutes of free time, which you can pay the road rules.During the study of signs, try to carry out some kind of association of the image on the sign with his literal name, it helps you to quickly recall all the features of the mark.

View images

driving situations It is worth noting the fact that all those who put a goal to learn the traffic rules, you will not only be reserved by their printed edition, but also to have access to the Internet to be able to clarify the unclear point.Every human memory works differently.For someone it is easier to memorize text, and someone very highly developed creative thinking.Consider how people learn traffic rules, having imaginative thinking.It is much easier to learn the rules, considering the pictures and examples.But still the most effective way to remember the rules of the road is a combination of both printed and pictorial information.Also on offer are advanced versions of SDA, where every rule has an illustration and detailed explanation.

Use special programs

Today there are so many different programs and websites that help future drivers will remember the SDA.Such programs can be easily found on the Internet.To prepare for the exam the best option is to use a program that gives the learner the traffic situation and several answers.If the examinee does not give the correct answer, the program generates an error and results in a detailed solution of example, as well as excerpts from the rules of the road.This method is quite effective, it allows you to memorize the rules and prepare for the theoretical foundations of the traffic police, because there, the exam used this same program.Note that if the pass this test is constant, the rules are easy to remember because of visual memory.Many future drivers admit that they saw a familiar picture in the exam, they immediately remembered the number of the correct answer, while not thinking about the rules themselves.

Useful tips on how to learn traffic tickets

  • It is best to learn a little information and few interruptions.Since memory is much faster.
  • Instead of a simple mechanical reading is better to allow more time for repetition of information.
  • proved that the brain stores information much faster in the morning hours, namely from 7 to 12 pm.Therefore, in this period of time it is best absorbed most complex material.
  • process of assimilation of the material should be broken down into four stages:
    • View all the material for general orientation.
    • Highlight main ideas and their interconnections.
    • repetition of the most important facts.
    • Drafting response plan, as well as the repetition of the information on this plan.
  • Remember that the best way to start learning the material with the most difficult moments.And that is easy to learn, is to leave for later.
  • whole process of memorization necessarily need to be alternated with rest.Let the training lasts for 40 minutes, followed by a 10 minute rest.
  • learned information is desirable to retell in detail to another person.
  • Do not repeat memorized rules in the order in which they are given in the source.It is best to repeat them in the inconsistency.
  • last tip is to remember traffic rules - to use all three types of memory: visual, auditory and motor.To do this, read aloud, write and view pictures.Besides, you can even draw on a large sheet of paper the scheme of road situations.