Where to collect Kia ?

Where to collect Kia ?

so many factors to consider when buying a new car.Including where the vehicle has been assembled.Many people prefer to have an exclusive car was assembled precisely in the country in which it originally began producing.In this article, we will tell you about where to collect Kia - automobiles Korean carmaker Kia Motors Corporation.

plants for the production of Kia cars are in the South Korean cities of Hwaseong, Gwangmyeong, Gwangju, Seosan, Vietnam, China, Slovakia, the United States and certain other countries.

If we talk about where Russia is going to Kia, you should remember them the plant of the company "Autotor" in Kaliningrad, as well as plant IzhAvto in Izhevsk and Hyundai plant in St. Petersburg.

Kia Rio

model Kia Rio has been specially developed for the Russian market.Its production started in August 2011 and since then the popularity of this model has been growing steadily.Buyers are attracted relatively low cost of this modern sedan, combined with a well-established high quality of Korean cars.

Initially cars of this model were collected on a Hyundai plant in St. Petersburg.At one time, the Kia Rio is also produced at the plant LuAZ in Ukraine, but soon the production was stopped.Enumerating the country where collected Kia Rio, is also called to countries such as Indonesia, Thailand, Iran, India, Vietnam, China, Ecuador, and, of course, she and South Korea.

Kia Sportage

Kia Sporteydzh - model, ideal for Russian roads.High ground clearance, stability on the road, the possibility of buying a car with four-wheel drive - all this and more allows you to comfortably travel by car is not only in the city, but also outside it.If you plan to travel by car only in the city and not to use four-wheel drive, you get a stylish and modern crossover, at the wheel which will organically look like a young fragile girl and a solid adult male.

Kia Sporteydzh collected in Russia, Slovakia and some other countries.Many motorists will be pleasantly surprised to learn that among the countries that collect Kia sporteydzh present Germany, which is known for top quality in the automotive industry.

Kia Sorento

Kia Sorento - another company crossover.Although largely Sporteydzh Kia and Kia Sorento are similar, the latter much more Sporteydzha in size, has a higher ground clearance, large wheels and a rich selection of additional features.Hence, the difference in price.

Among the countries where collected Kia Sorento, still leading Russia and South Korea.In addition, this model is also produced in factories in Turkey and Slovakia.

Kia Ceed

Chia Seed - compact city car of a golf class.In Europe, the car is not very common because of the large competition in this segment, but in Russia it is highly demanded.

This model is collected in Slovakia, Kazakhstan, and there is only one plant in Russia, where the seed was collected Kia - a Kaliningrad "Autotor".

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