How to Make Angel Eyes ?

How to Make Angel Eyes ?

Many drivers take their car, as a living being, as a person of the female sex.So why not make your "iron lady" make-up - tuning headlamps, namely Angel Eyes?It sounds nice, but looks even better.To produce the angelic eye does not have to spend a lot of time.This process will take about 2-3 hours.The result will be worth the time spent and effort.How to angelic eyes with their hands?Find out now!


first - materials.What may be useful for the manufacture of angel eye?You can take the means at hand, rummage in the garage.You can buy some necessary details.Decide for yourself.You will need:

  • Long plastic tubes.They can be purchased in the store, but you can make out the curtains, blinds, remove them with plastic stick.This is faster and they are ideal parameters: length, width, no inner cavity is of Plexiglas.
  • LEDs - about 8 pieces
  • Resistors
  • Tin round shape.It should be durable, nepognutoy.The diameter of the banks should be the same (approximately) with a diameter of lights
  • Dichloroethane

second - the tools, virtually all have at home:

  • pliers;
  • Drill, Drill - 5 mm;
  • Files (Needle file);
  • Batteries;
  • Building dryer or oven;
  • Clay.

Making Angel Eyes: User

Gathering all the necessary details, you can proceed.Do everything you need to turn, do not rush to comply with certain instructions.Here's how to make your own Angel Eyes:

  • Take plastic rods.They need to warm up, to bend the shape headlights.It is recommended to use the hairdryer construction, but for lack of fit and oven.
  • Rod warmed up.Take it with pliers, wrap around tin.Fix one end of the pliers, slowly wrapping it in the perimeter of the banks.Let the rod cool.So you will get a circle.Once, when the ring is completely cooled, it can be removed.This procedure needs to be done with each bar.
  • Note: in any case, do not let the rod overheat.When overheated inside the bubbles are formed, and they should not be.
  • Take blank - ring.With Needle get rid of the edges so that the two ends do not touch.Between them shall be a small (3 cm.) Away.
  • How to make the incision?You can, of course, and without them, but the effect will not be angelic eye.The more cuts you make, the more dazzling will shine "eyes" of your car.These incisions can be made through every centimeter, 0.5 cm., 2.5 mm.- as you wish.It turns out very effectively if the incisions are many, about 2.5 mm each.That they receive equal, with the same distance, start from the middle of the ring.You can divide by raschertit selfglue, attach to the ring and on the pattern nadpilivat.
  • Take dichloroethane.Put it on a drop on the edge of the ring.From grinding they dimmed.After application edges should brighten.
  • Use the drill at the ends of the workpiece make a hole - space diode.diode size should match the size of the cavity for him.
  • Take diodes soldered to the wiring them.Put each diode in the hole.Check the operation of the finished device, you can use the battery.Insulate with electrical tape.
  • Clear glass headlights, eyes fix about 3-4 places.It would be enough.Set the glass back, connect the spotlight to the size.

All work should be taken in precisely rag gloves to protect themselves from damage.Stick to simple safety rules when working with electrical appliances.

Eyes are ready.For greater brightness of the ring can be placed reflective material.Look machine is elegant.Doubly thought will warm nice that you have not spent a lot of money for the installation of a simple, but particularly noticeable, and made her own hands, and even that simple!Hopefully, we are simply and clearly explained how to make the angelic eyes.