How to drive without a license ?

How to drive without a license ?

For many of us personal car is not a luxury or even a means of transportation, and the continuation of ourselves.Our car - it is our life, and driving ban for us like death, as they say.Today penalties for violation of traffic rules are strict enough, and deprived of rights it is also quite often and sometimes for a long time.

And if this is the most terrible event for the motorist happened: you have been deprived of rights, as the ride - that's the first question you ask as soon as the move away from the shock.And if the possibility of movement on the subway, bus, bicycle, walking and other options you have not considered, in principle, it is for you, there are several "relatively legal ways" to travel by car without a license.

ride with a time resolution

If the judge you have taken the right and you, God forbid, have passed a temporary permit, then you will not be the only legitimate opportunities to drive without a license.How to extend the temporary stay permit in your property?

  1. After the trial, you need to get a resolution about a week, you need a registered letter to file a complaint with the Federal Court, and on the same day to inform the World Court on the complaint.All this is done to ensure that information on the deprivation of the rights you have not gone in the traffic police.As a result, you gain a month.
  2. in federal court ask you to postpone the case in connection with your trip.Again, you win a couple of weeks.
  3. Re-write all applications, with an emphasis on the fact that all were witnesses, including the treacherous inspector who dared take away the most precious thing you have, that is your right.If he does not come, then the matter may be postponed once again.
  4. can try and give discharge to the court, but for this you need a good preparation, unsurpassed eloquence and quirky mind.
  5. After the trial, the case will give back to the world court, and this too will take some time.

As a result, most likely, the rights you will still be deprived, but you could win some time out to ride behind the wheel of his car legally.However, delays in the case separates you from the moment you return your rights.

Now consider the question of whether you can ride with no rights at all.

ride without a license

Many drivers who manage to travel without documents the entire prison term, following a few simple rules and knowing how to drive without a license so as not to get caught.

  1. Do not drive at night.With 23.00 small cars and you can stop for an identity check.
  2. Never scorcher, be careful to observe all the rules of the road, do not drive drunk, never exceed the speed.
  3. Avoid fixed positions.
  4. ride in the left lane as traffic police officers are, in the main, on the roadside on the right.
  5. Avoid roads with one-way traffic, since they have little room for maneuver.
  6. Hiding behind other cars.Do not attract much attention on the road.
  7. tries not to look in the eyes of policeman, do not chew gum at the wheel, do not ride in the dark glasses.

That is, if you decide to drive without a license, you must be a perfect driver, knowing and following all the rules.If you get caught and you will not be able to, as they say, otboltatsya, you face a fine of 2,500 rubles, or even arrest for 15 days.But what to do, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

By the way, if in the town where you live constantly, heat, and you have the money, then you can temporarily put your car in the garage and buy a scooter, because we know that to ride a motorcycle without a license is possible if the volume of its engineless than 50 cubic centimeters.

Summing up the above, it may be noted that nothing is impossible, it is possible to drive even without a license.But is it worth to do it, you decide.After driving a vehicle without a license, you are breaking the law.Keep this in mind.