How to make a matrix ?

How to make a matrix ?

matrix concept in modern society has become commonplace.Thus, only in math concepts have expanded, reverse, diagonal and other matrices.In the auto-just under matrix imply detail cars, twist on the wrong side of the layout with respect to a previously developed.The following describes how to make a matrix, and that it needs.You will also learn how to determine the inverse matrix, and what steps for this to be done.

How to make a matrix bumper

  1. Matrix always create Layout.This is the most important point.First, the layout navaschivayut, that is coated with a thin layer of wax.After preparation, the layout on a layer of a special matrix gelcoat (it is thicker than normal and spread a thicker layer).This coating during further work will make it possible to deduce the matrix surface, almost like a mirror.
  2. Then, when the layer gets up, start laying the mat.First apply a thin steklovual allowing accurately follows the contours and curves of any layout.After drying the first layer, you need to cover a few more layers of greater thickness of the mat.However, to produce immediately set thickness is not necessary, since the matrix can warp and lead (bend).
  3. If it made the split matrix, then in the process of work is made special partitions around the layout, which will divide it into segments.First, make the laying open of the main segment, wait until it hardens.After removing the septum and treated first edge portion of the matrix.Then, the laying open the remaining segments.
  4. To correctly position the segments relative to each other, the first part in molding make special pits.In the process of forming the next segment, such holes will be filled with fiberglass and resin bumps are formed.These pairs and enable properly fasten all parts of the matrix together with the future use.
  5. for fixing the matrix segments rib parts separate buildings drilled holes for mounting bolts.To improve the strength of the matrix and to ensure that it is well kept form, after the process of its manufacture, before carrying out the seizure of the layout, to the matrix do overmolding stiffeners.
  6. Based on its size, can be such a strong frame of steel or small wooden, plywood ribs.With careful manufacturing matrix finished basis may require additional treatment.However, it is often necessary to produce brood surface, ground and polished to a high gloss matrix.Only in this case can get really perfect detail.
  7. then begin the long process of waxing.This means that the wax matrix is ​​carefully rubbed several times.After each wiping - a break.Wax is not just plaster and ground to education Gorny, a thin, invisible film.If it do not work, then the surface of the finished matrix is ​​rough, not smooth.
  8. After waxing (sometimes instead) use special liquid.They vysohnuv create film coating, not allowing the resin or gelcoat get to the matrix, which, of course, can not be allowed to happen.As scratches on its surface.

    If this trouble happens, then the resin is "tightly" will grow to a matrix, which is why grinding, polishing and waxing will have to repeat again.In special cases, used special formulations that allow to shoot with the matrix up to hundreds of products.However, a long time friend of wax even today remains the most reliable and intuitive tool.

    whole process of how to make the matrix as described above, is a very popular option.It is used most of the tuning companies, but this does not mean that there is no other way.Now use and computer technology, and uzkoprofilnye CNC machines, which allow for the virtual model to cut any layout you like from any material or ready-made matrix or mold.Only that everything is already an industrial version, rather than the level of the garage.

  9. Actually, now begin to manufacture the necessary parts.Although gelcoat layer in general is not required, but still:
    • it gives the finished product a more finished look and as a color, or allowing to save on paint detail, or opt out of it;
    • gelcoat protects the matrix from fiberglass impact that it scratches.

How do the inverse matrix

matrix satisfying the requirement: A * X = X * A = E, where A - is a square matrix, and X - its inverse is called feedback.Her search is limited to such items 5:

    1. Located determinant, ienumber defined by the sum and difference of products of the matrix parts.Determinant must not be equal to 0.
    2. Find cofactors (minors).They determined a miscalculation additional determinant of the matrix formed from the core by deleting the column and row in the same cell.
    3. in a matrix using the cofactors.
    4. transposed matrix (replace string columns).
    5. resulting matrix is ​​multiplied by the inverse number of the determinant.

Now that you know how to make a matrix.I hope this article will be useful to you in the future, and you will be able to fulfill all the points of our instructions.