Where to collect Hyundai ?

Where to collect Hyundai ?

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Where collect Hyundai?

Hyundai car is quite popular among drivers around the world.On the quality of the car can be influenced not only where Hyundai is collected, but also the place of manufacture of parts for certain car models.

official representation

Official company dedicated to the release of these cars, is located in South Korea.It is believed that this is the largest producer of the fourth in the world.The official office (headquarters) is located in Seoul.It runs the entire production management.

Subsidiaries worldwide

The property consists of several South Korean company car plants in other countries, namely the Czech Republic, Brazil, Russia, Turkey, India, North America and China.

Some models of this car brand can be produced in several factories around the world.For example, the Hyundai ix35 is collected in the following offices:

  • in Zilina (Slovakia) plant Kia Motors Slovakia;
  • in Ulsan (South Korea);
  • in NoŇ°ovice (Czech Republic) at the Hyundai plant;
  • in Beijing (China).

plants in Russia

Some models Hyundai produced at a plant in Russia.Many may be wondering where to collect the Hyundai Solaris - pretty popular car.It is worth noting that the car came with a domestic production line at Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Rus, located in St. Petersburg in the Kamenka industrial zone.

This plant in the northern capital was started in 2008, and in 2011 was inducted mass production of Hyundai Solaris car, which is designed for the Russian market.Thanks to this plant is fully dispelled all myths that quality cars Hyundai may be collected only in the country where the main office of the company.Hyundai Solaris assembled in Russia is no worse than the model released in other countries.

After the start of operation of the plant in St. Petersburg has also been running the company, which started production of components for cars Hyundai Mobis.During 2010, the country was opened seven more plants to the production of automotive components.

Now the question, where are collected Hyundai, the answer is quite simple.Due to the wide domestic production of more than one hundred thousand people in Russia were able to purchase your dream car.Learn about the domestic automobile industry can be from the article What are the cars assembled in Russia.

Worldwide Company Hyundai Motor Company has more than five thousand of automobile salons, which sell cars of different assembly.Each year, the car brand Hyundai buy millions of users.