How to insure a car?

How to insure a car?

insure your car, you can not only avoid the high expenses for unplanned repairs cars, but also to evade responsibility for the damage by negligence damage to other vehicles.To date services cars insurance offers a large number of insurance companies and insurance conditions are different.Therefore, car owners always puzzled a lot of questions before you take out insurance.

How and where to insure a car

You must first choose the company-insurer.This is very important since it is this you will indemnify.Make sure it is not charlatans, check out how much the organization is working on the market, as it has customers, as well as some of her reviews from motorists.Take this step responsibly.When choosing what company to insure the car, you must pay special attention to the ratings company.The main points are: financial stability, as well as the ratio of claims paid to insurance premiums.On average, it should be around 30-80%.If this figure is less than the specified limits, it means that the company-insurer produces virtually no benefits.A payout rate higher than 80% means the loss-making company.This is followed to assess the risks.Specifically, the risks of which you want to insure your car.

insurance CASCO

There are three types of risk: the risk of theft, accident risk and risk of damage.The last type of risk involves the loss or damage to the vehicle due to a traffic accident, natural disaster or illegal actions by unauthorized persons.If you decide to insure the car against theft, you should know that this concept includes the loss of the vehicle due to theft or robbery.If there is a possibility that can occur both types of risk, it is best to choose the organization of insurance protection Hull.With regard to the risk of an accident, it involves damage to the driver and passengers of the vehicle due to a traffic accident.It is now proposed two on the occasion of the insurance system.

  • In the first program, the amount of insurance payment is calculated by taking into account the total number of people staying in the car.It is paid in equal shares.
  • The second system involves insurance of each space in the cabin for a certain amount.

Insurance DSAGO

insurance protection against all kinds of risks provides voluntary insurance DSAGO.In MTPL insurance the maximum payout is 120 thousand. Rub.It does not matter what caused the damage can be more than a few times.That is why insurance companies offer additional coverage on DSAGO within 150 thousand. Rub.In discussing the question of how to insure the car, special attention should be paid to the fact that the cost of insurance depends on the parameters provided for MTPL policies.For example, such indicators are, car make, age, car owners driving experience, the presence of the franchise and other indicators.

Insure the car on time, not to jeopardize yourself and your family!