How do you drive?

How do you drive?

most attractive and draws the interior of any car part, of course, the steering wheel.Beautifully redesigned steering wheel immediately attracted curious glances, he wants to touch, to see his eyes, to feel all the receptors, and in addition, the driver himself more comfortable controls his pet if he has a wonderful and beautiful, and most importantly, very comfortable steeringwheel.

most common and easiest way to make tuning your car - a "shroud" creative wheel cover.If you pay close attention, you will notice that almost every second car travels with the wheel located in the boot.But few car owners properly selects the currently cover just under your interior cabin and as a result he does not look out of place.

As silly as it may sound, but it should be very seriously and carefully approach the choice of such a glance little things like the selection of the cover on the steering wheel.So how to make the steering wheel more attractive?


  • In the beginning, you need to clearly determine the quality and type of material for the cover (cloth or leather), whether it will have a foam insert or be without them.On the issue of the use of foam, there are many contradictions.On the one hand, the foam makes the wheel very tangible and more weighty, bulky, and on the other hand - the case with inserts and punched very quickly loses its original form, obtained after tuning.
  • Further, to solve the problem of how to make attractive wheel need to choose the right colors cover.Here everyone adheres to give preference to your liking.The main thing is that the color is not very different from the style of interior.For example, if the interior of the white skin and the whole interior is quite conservative, then cover with hearts is unlikely to be in place.Also, we should not forget that the bright colors quickly become dirty and unkempt.Often, it is practically not pay attention.
  • Also, be aware that not every case for the handlebars is universal, because there are those which are suitable only for a specific type and size of the wheel.And if it so happens that the auto market does not have a suitable cover for you, you can safely draw his order in tuning studio.To learn
  • steering wheel size using the roulette wheel is necessary to determine the diameter (on the outer side).Additionally, you can see the book on the machine.The diameter of 33-38 cm size corresponds to "the S" (sports steering wheel), 36-40 cm - the size "M" (foreign cars), 38-41 cm - the size "of L '(Volga or classic), more than 41 cm - the size of« XL"(gazelles).
  • Make sure that the braid exactly corresponds to the diameter to make the steering wheel without folds, try to put on it.Attach trim on the steering wheel, to more accurately determine its location in the structure.Pay attention to the presence of buttons and levers - try not to close their braiding.
  • Start at the top, pulling the top and continue to move down, consistently "dressing" the wheel.It is more convenient in this case to use the services of an assistant, assimultaneously hold and pull quite problematic.
  • If the Assistant is not available, use an adhesive tape.Pull the upper part of the braid and secure it with tape so that the adhesive tape does not leave traces.To close this skin tissue or polyethylene film.We continue to wear the braid at the bottom of the steering wheel.
  • utilized for stringing two screwdrivers (flat).First put on the top of the braid wheel tightens the bottom portion, the hooking both sides.Then remove one of the screwdrivers and immediately presses this place with your finger.To hook the back of your braid with a screwdriver and direct it to the steering wheel.
  • To facilitate the process of putting braid, pre-moisten it with hot water, heated by the hot steam or hold from any heat source.Our skin becomes more plastic and it would be great to stretch, thus wear the braid will be quite easy.
  • Lightly stretch the braid by inserting the wooden struts her for the night.Take a rack of suitable size and pull on their steering wheel.In the morning put on it will be much easier.Once the braid should sit on the steering wheel, fix it with lacing at the inside of the steering wheel.

Now that you know how to make a wheel appealing to the eye and comfortable for the hands can only be careful on the roads and to comply with traffic rules.