How to set up channels on the TV ?

How to set up channels on the TV ?

Operators of cable television now offer its customers a huge selection of channels.But sometimes you need to adjust the channel broadcasting to the TV package to work properly.

Automatic channel setting After connecting the TV tuner to a cable TV service provider companies are usually automatically adjusts all channels.If suddenly, for whatever reason, lost their settings, then you can always get them back to their seats by automatic adjustment.

  1. Stop using the TV remote control in the menu.
  2. Open the Settings section.
  3. Then select the program / channel settings.
  4. Select section "Automatic adjustment" and start the process.

program will very quickly set up channels on the TV, and arrange them in order.However, this machine can prevent some errors.For example, the picture of some channels can be poor, or some of the channels will be placed several times.To avoid this, use manual tuning or all channels, or several of them.

Manual tuning

channels plus independent channel correction that you can adjust the picture quality and sound of each channel, arrange the channels in any order you like.And also you will be able to remove unwanted channels.

For automatic tuning:

  1. Go using console menu, then - to the settings, and then in the section channel settings and then select "Manual Setup".
  2. Start the process.
  3. finding the desired channel, press OK on the remote control and adjust the picture and sound, if necessary.Sound adjustment menu and image is also usually in the channel setting section.

you have found a channel you do not need, do not press OK, but simply continue the search as long as there is something that you're interested.

When configuring satellite channels on the TV will work the principle of roughly the same except that you first need to configure the antenna itself.Read more about this as you can read in our article How to set up satellite channels Also in this article you will find information on how to set up satellite TV on your computer.


channels Tips Please note that providers can sometimes change the composition of the cable TV package without your knowledge.If you can not find the channel you want, then check with the company serving you, not replaced if the channel is different.

If suddenly you can not cope with the task, the help you can always contact the office of the company providing services of cable TV provider.You will be sent home on a wizard that will solve the problem quickly.In some firms, such service will be free of charge, and some still asked to pay.In the latter case, make sure that you have given the appropriate check-receipt.

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