How to make a car sound insulation ?

How to make a car sound insulation ?

We have become so accustomed to the noise that accompanies us everywhere, and that the car interior is not an exception in the move.But there are times when a person really wants peace and quiet, especially such a desire arises during long journeys that you begin to understand - you need to install noise insulation in the car.Immediately there are several problems: some sound-absorbing materials used, and how to make the car sound insulation.

necessary materials and tools

When selecting noise insulation materials should be guided by the following characteristics: mass per unit area, thermal conductivity, coefficient of mechanical losses, noise absorption percentage.Most importantly - do not use materials that are not intended for the car (eg, construction).

  • One of the most popular materials for the production of these works is Standartplast.It is characterized by a relatively reasonable price and high quality staff.
  • vibroplasta - elastic and flexible material, perfectly absorbs vibration.It is a self-adhesive composition is a polymer with aluminum foil.The material has anti-corrosion properties, it does not absorb water and is easily assembled when installed on the complex terrain, without the need for preheating.
  • Vizomat MP - bituminous material.This multi-layered structure consisting of an aluminum foil (the front layer with the company logo), a sheet with bitumen composition and mounting adhesive layer anitadgezidnoy film.
  • Isotone LM - consists of front mylar metallized film, the mounting adhesive layer and the flexible polyurethane foam.It has oil-resistant face cover.Furthermore, heat-shielding properties has.
  • Madeleine - decorative sealing material, which serves as the basis of black fabric with thickness up to 1.5 mm on the basis of the adhesive.Protected antiadgezidnoy gasket.

hand made car noise insulation is possible by means of the following tools:

  • Technical dryer (heat gun).
  • roller to prikatyvat vibration damping materials.
  • knife with replaceable blades.
  • Phillips screwdriver.
  • flat screwdriver (2 pieces) of a width not exceeding 0.5 cm
  • Keys (head 10 - 17)..
  • spanner on 10.
  • Remover caps.
  • Grease resembling silicone.
  • Fast evaporating degreaser.
  • Tatters.

Where do soundproofing car

work is carried out in several stages.Segment car design is a separate step.To achieve maximum effect, vibration-absorbing and sound-absorbing materials should be stacked on:

  • bonnet;
  • roof;
  • wheel arches;
  • bulkhead between the engine and the cabin;
  • floor of the vehicle and the passenger compartment;
  • door.

hood cover has on the inside symmetrical hollows, which are pasted sound-proof plate on the basis of porous polyethylene or bitumen.Similarly, the soundproofing is made of the boot lid.

To isolate the roof, you need to take off her trim and remove noise insulation factory.No need to insulate the whole roof, enough to close ¾ of its entire area.

To make the cabin sound insulation, you need to completely disassemble the floor trim and remove dust from the exposed metal.After this layer is laid a thick anti-vibration material.A layer of sound insulation, more elastic and thin, glued on top vibration isolation.

How to make sound insulation in the car

  • work is carried out the temperature should not be below + 18 * C.
  • Before finally mount the pattern in place, make this roller rolling pattern to the material well lay down on the seat.However, the protective film should not be removed during this preliminary operation.
  • For greater effect, soundproofing interior floor and the roof, it is desirable to make one sheet.
  • not apply once the whole piece, and mounting it to start at one end, putting into place gradually.Laminating roller even small details, to expel them from the air bubbles.
  • for front and rear wheel arches better anti-vibration material overlay on both sides.The same is done and soundproofing the engine compartment.
  • Before cutting the soundproofing material is made of thick cardboard the pattern necessary details.And only this pattern should cut the material.
  • After these works your car you need to "survive" in the garage for at least 12 hours.This time is necessary for "curing" adhesive base.