What good Kalina ?

What good Kalina ?

Lada Kalina made in the automobile factory in Togliatti.The development of this model started in 1993.Producing her body in three versions - VAZ-1119 - a sedan VAZ-1118 - hatchback, a VAZ-1117 - wagon.Compared with previous models Kalina VAZ, it has a more modern design: smooth lines, elegant lamps, a large glass area.All this makes the Lada Kalina attractive and stylish.Let's look at what's good Lada Kalina.

decoration Kalina pleasantly surprised - it has enough space design that allows even the passengers in the back seat comfortably placed.Just glad the instrument panel - there is nothing superfluous, all the necessary instruments in place.Due to the shortened body, in this model, a small trunk.Thanks to a good clearance, Kalina can easily overcome small obstacles, as well as easily to pass on a country road.

There also are airbags, full power, electric power steering, heated mirrors, a collection Suite alloy 13-inch wheels.Another great advantage of the Lada Kalina - excellent handling and a small turning radius, which is important in an urban setting.Kalina has a 1.4 or 1.6-liter fuel-injected engine, the power of 81 horsepower.This machine is very dynamic, able to reach speeds up to 160 km / h.At 100 km fuel consumption of 7.8 liters.In size Lada Kalina somewhat less than their fellow WHA, is also its advantage.And smaller betrays her more maneuverability, which will not interfere in the urban routes.Let's denote than good Kalina, more specifically.

merits and advantages of the car Lada Kalina

  • spacious interior.
  • good visibility.
  • Excellent geometric cross.
  • rigidity of the body.
  • A wide range of colors.
  • Options: full power accessories, air conditioning system, Car audio, two airbags.
  • electronic gas pedal.
  • high urban planting.
  • Wide doorways.
  • There are plenty to choose from: 3 body type 3 engine models 3 versions.
  • High body welding quality, high corrosion resistance, smooth clearance.
  • low fuel consumption.
  • acceptable cost.

What good Kalina, each defines for himself.She and look stylish, and comfortable ride is suitable for those who often uses the car for a family of people, for the private carting.This model is suitable for all purposes.