How to set up the receiver ?

How to set up the receiver ?

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How to set up the receiver?

satellite technology is now very widespread.But for some users who purchased a satellite dish, this technology is still somewhat unknown.

To configure satellite television does not need to call the master-customizer.The whole procedure is actually not so difficult, and having at hand a similar statement, you can easily set up their own satellite.Let's see how to set up the receiver and that the need for this.

minimum required package includes:

  • receiver (tuner, receiver) - the most expensive of the entire system element,
  • converter,
  • antenna (mirror), for receiving the signal,
  • mounting for converters,
  • switch between the converters (daysek),
  • TV cable (coax),
  • bracket,
  • F connectors (plugs for connections).

Preparing to connect your satellite receiver

  1. first check that all necessary cables are connected.It is important to remember that the receiver must necessarily be disconnected from the power supply (220V).
  2. Connect the antenna to the tuner, the receiver to your TV, and do not forget about the other peripheral devices.
  3. includes all the necessary devices in the socket.

Connecting the satellite antenna to the tuner

For this type of inclusion in our receiver there is a special connector for an antenna, called the LNB IN, and another equipped with F connectors on both ends.

connect cable antenna and a satellite receiver.To this end, cheat F connector nuts on the connector type LNB IN of the receiver.

We connect the receiver and TV

on our TV (rear side) there is a special set of connectors for the satellite receiver (antenna output, HDMI, tulip, and others).

  1. Connect the receiver to the TV with a cable and connector (preference - it HDMI).If the TV old model, it is only through the antenna input, you can connect the tuner as other types of connectors are absent here.For this you need a cable with multiple connectors, referred to as "Papa antenna" (for TV) and "Mama antenna" (tuner).
  2. chosen arbitrarily convenient channel to us (for tuner receiver).
  3. manually scan.Our receiver is ON and at the same time shows the figures.If you see on the scoreboard clock, then it is off.
  4. Save the settings.

Now it is on that channel can be viewed from the satellite channels, they will be switched within the receiver.

Configure receiver

tips tuner menu features can be found in the manual for setting it up.

When only turn on the receiver, you need to check your language settings.By default, as a rule, set the language «English», but it depends on the receiver.Perhaps it will be some other language.To change the interface to any other do the following:

  1. go in the tuner menu and look for the item «Language»
  2. choose «Russian» (Russian)
  3. Save settings
  4. exit this

menu In the tuner menu check the availability of oursatellite.Immediately control basic and advanced settings tuner.

Add the channel to the tuner

If the year of its release relatively close, then we find the satellite with transponders already indicated.To add a new channel to the tuner is required on the satellite transmitter.To view the settings of the transmitter, it is necessary: ​​

  1. Select channel.
  2. find out which of the satellites you can find such a channel.
  3. Find information on the channels in the list of transmitters.
  4. If the channel that we were looking for could not be found, type in any search engine lingsat 4 W or 40 th, 75 th and so on, and find the necessary information in the tables.

Some satellites manual tuning of the transponder can be blocked.The reason for this is the lack of experience of users.So a beginner can inadvertently enter incorrect data, and then, when all of this instruction will be passed to the end will be very difficult to figure out where the error occurred, and have to start the whole procedure again.

If the receiver is still a long-time, you will have to make some adjustments manually, which goes from beginners to more serious mode, which is designed for experienced tuners have special knowledge.

transmitter scan on the receiver

  1. go in the device menu "Settings".
  2. Choosing our transponder.If our transmitter is not listed on lingsate find instructions on how to add it to the list.
  3. Select Transponder using the remote control.

On modern satellites twice a month goes automatically scan channels.

Automatic channel scan mode

So we marked our satellite in the menu.Now we can carry out several types of scanning: manual, automatic, network, blind and others, depending on the tuner.

most convenient - automatically.There is not need to write transponder settings, everything is done on the automatic tuner.At the same time he set the receiver will find all operating transponders, which are available to us.

If you still channel was not found, it's likely he's just out of range, or the antenna is configured poorly.Then the screen is just black.

If there was such a situation:

  • check whether the channel is available to us,
  • lists the transmitters required settings and then perform a satellite scan.

Create a list of favorite channels with the ability to edit

actions are as follows: mark the viewing channel and makes it into a category.To do this, go to the menu of the tuner - tuning channels - TV channels.What to do next depends on the type of device.

Finally it should be noted that the features settings of transmitters (transponders) change over time, because the progress does not stand still, and a simplified configuration of the transmitter system for satellite television will be soon possible.Therefore, it should be noted that the information regarding the latest innovations in this field, it is necessary sometimes to browse the Internet.

Thus, we have set up our satellite tuner to the channel reception.If you have gone through all of the instructions to the end, everything works properly.We can only enjoy the results of the work done.

Now you can easily customize the the article How to set up satellite channels if necessary.In it you will find information about how to configure channels on TV / computer and configure the antenna itself.Settings for different receivers may differ slightly.It affects also the TV model.