How to appeal the traffic police ?

How to appeal the traffic police ?

Decree on administrative offense you fined or deprived of all right to drive vehicles.How to appeal the traffic police, when you do not agree with him?Let's investigate.The more that the absolute majority of Russian motorists unfamiliar with this procedure.


Complaint Resolution traffic must be filed no later than 10 calendar days from the date of delivery or receipt of the decision at hand.If a judgment handed to you in days off, do not expect the end of the weekend or holidays, and finding the sample appeal against the decision of traffic, build it, and serve.

To file a complaint

decision on the administrative offense may be subject to appeal unless it has issued an official (in this case, the traffic police if fined, or the judge, if you are denied the right to control the vehicle).

Unfortunately, life experience of those who have their own experience knows how to appeal the traffic police have repeatedly proved that it's hope that complaint to a higher authority will be considered, it is not necessary.Any agency, you do not want to spoil the statistics, and therefore, there is wear on the court's decision.

How to file a complaint with the court

She is fed through the body, the person who made the decision, and you personally.Appeal shall be filed through the mail by registered letter with notification or in person by the plaintiff in the judicial office.

The complaint

the Internet easy to find examples of appeal against the decision of traffic.And yet, we will try to give basic advice on the matter.

complaint is written clearly and without unnecessary details.Do not turn it into your own life, which will include issues with young children and mother-in-forever dissatisfied.

Such a complaint is, in fact, consists of three parts.On the pages of the first part, you need to detail, but without unnecessary detail to describe the situation in the second part, to justify its disagreement with the actions of the person who issued the decision, and in the third part, you must justify its request to the court.In our case, such a request will cancel the decision of an administrative offense.

Which wait for the results

results of your complaint may be as follows:

  • Regulation does not change, the complaint is not satisfied;
  • Regulation changes;
  • Resolution canceled the proceedings be terminated;
  • Resolution canceled and your case is sent for retrial.

If you do not agree with not one of the above solutions, you have the right to appeal it to a higher court, in the same way as you and appealed the original ruling.