Select xenon.Which is better?

Select xenon.Which is better?

Today we will focus on this tendency for the car, as xenon.Which is better and which is worse?Let's try to understand this question.

If you are wondering what the xenon is better to put on your car, the first thing you should know some basic information about xenon headlights, as well as their technical characteristics.These points will help you make the right choice for your car xenon.

Xenon headlamps - it fundamentally new road lighting technology.It is based on the special glow of the electric arc, which is formed by passing a current through the gaseous medium.To maintain the arc in the xenon headlamp uses a special xenon unit.

Xenon: which one is better for your Auto

usually xenon is divided into two types:

  1. factory xenon.These include lamps from Philips and Osram, and Xenon units from manufacturers such as Hella, AL, Matsushita and Koito / Denso.
  2. All other xenon headlights, Chinese and Korean.

I think it is already becoming clear that the factory xenon better.First of all you should be interested in what is best xenon shine.There is a simple answer: the first type of xenon light is 25-30% brighter than xenon headlights Korean or Chinese origin.In addition, xenon is more durable factory.If the second type of xenon lamps is only enough for one and a half, maximum two years, the factory xenon serve you for five or six years.Let's look at each of these two types of xenon in more detail.

factory xenon

Such xenon more often referred to as cleanly installed.Here are the main characteristics of the ignition unit in these lamps:

  • Long service life due to high quality manufacturing lamps;
  • high brightness;
  • high degree of protection against open or short circuit xenon lamp;
  • Short ignition time of the lamp.Within 3-4 seconds begins full operation.

Today Hella company - the leading manufacturer of premium light.It is said that the firm is often counterfeited, so be careful.Buy lamp only in stores, but not on the market.

ignition blocks the Matsushita, the Japanese production, very compact and tight.They are installed most often in the lower region of the lamp housing.Besides, they are of high quality and long life.

Xenon Chinese / Korean production

can not say that they have no right to exist, however, these lights are considered to be somewhat worse in their properties.Here are the main characteristics of the Korean-Chinese xenon:

  • service life of these lamps is from one month to two years;
  • ignition unit has virtually no protection;
  • original lamp (Osram or Philips) most likely will not work with the Korean-Chinese ignition blocks.As have very different current-voltage characteristics;
  • Lighting the lamps comes from twenty seconds to three minutes.

Now, though about, but you know what kind of xenon is better to put on your car.Undoubtedly, the most important factor is your budget.