How to communicate with the police?

How to communicate with the police?

Our society can not boast of an appropriate level of legal culture.Unfortunately, education is not include the provision of full knowledge of their civil rights for everyone.Today let's talk about the rights of the driver.Yes, in addition to the traffic rules, he should know their rights and to not fall for the bait scams disguised as traffic police inspector, or trap the bribe.

Let's talk about how to deal with the traffic police to avoid becoming a victim of fraud, but did not break the rules of the traffic police.What is the right driver, and that - the inspector?Consider the most frequent options of communicating with GAI officers.

car stop

without the need to stop the traffic you are not allowed.Therefore, as you probably noticed, after stopping at the request of traffic police officer pronounces its cause.On the one hand, if the cause is not named, of course you can ask her.But make no mistake, it will be found.Examples of such reasons: conducting any operation (raid "sober driver" on the orders of a certain man) or search for the stolen car.And it will all be legitimate on their part.So "get into the bottle," we do not recommend.Are you friendly - and you will be kind enough not mischievous.What good is spending nerves in vain.

How to deal with the traffic police inspector if you suspect fraud?Recommended demonstrate their legal literacy.To do this confidently tell the name of the regulatory documents: the order of the Interior Ministry № 329 from 01.06.1998, the DPS and the Manual (Order of Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation № 297 from 20.04.1999 years).They regulate the permitted reasons for stopping.But once again we specify, do not just show off empty mot, if everything is in order.Faster held a conversation faster uedite where it left off on his own business.

Also remember that when you stop the car the inspector shall not stop just to name a cause, but also to clearly inform their position, rank and name.We recommend to clean away all the excitement and remember, just in case the data.

If we have something embarrassing, then write down your open conversation on the mobile phone voice recorder.Otherwise, any evidence of misconduct by an inspector?You have the right to record the conversation.

Can I pay the fine on the spot

If it so happened that you are stopped on the case, you have violated the traffic rules, what to do?Is it possible for the inspector's request, to pay the fine on the spot stop?Can.But is it always worth it?

inspector was a protocol violation, fill up the receipt of payment and offers to pay the fine on the spot.You are welcome!You do not run the risk of picking up a receipt.But there are cases that the DPS officer refuses to make the report and does not give a receipt, arguing that forms over.Keep in mind that the transfer of cash in the case of the driver to the inspector can be regarded as a bribe under Article 291 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.You will be liable.

Must the driver out of the car

No, I do not have to.Ordering the driver to get out of his car inspector has the right, but can offer.How to talk with the traffic police is better: in their car or in his?Remember that it is safer to be in his car, dealing with the traffic police.Also, find themselves in the inspector's car ( "on its territory"), it is easier for you to put psychological pressure.But there are exceptions.You are required to get out of the vehicle if:

  • drawn up about your detention under Article 27.4.1 of the Administrative Code,
  • up a report on the dismissal of the vehicle control (Article 27.12 of the Administrative Code),
  • made your car inspection report under article 27.9 of the Administrative Code.

Drinking alcohol in a parked car

If an inspector suspects you drinking alcohol in a parked car on a request to produce documents show registration certificate of the vehicle and the passport.All!Do not reach for a driver's license.Be sure to tell them you do not control the vehicle, but simply there are, the driver you do not certification, respectively.If the inspector asks you to drive him to the post of DPS in this situation, demand that he made your arrest report.And it needed a good reason.

How to communicate with the traffic police, if you are asked to pass on the honey.examination?At the medical examination is not necessary to go in this case, that requirement is illegal, as the machine you are not controlled.She parked and no wound.If, nevertheless, the protocol consists of traffic police officers, must write an explanation that does not agree with the violation, because the vehicle is not operated, it has been parked.You have 10 days to send a complaint.

Most importantly, remember, do not take the traffic police as the enemies initially.This setup will only prevent normal communication.The positions of the inspectors are ordinary people like you and me, they're just doing their job.A vigilance never hurts in life.Good luck on the road!