Where to make " Nissan " ?

Где производят "Ниссан"?

One of the largest producers of passenger cars as well as buses, trucks, boats and other equipment is a Japanese car manufacturer «Nissan».The company was founded in 1933 on December 26th.Carmaker emerged from the merger of subsidiaries "Nihon Sangyo" and "Tobata Eamonn."

Until 1959, the company's factories located in Japan, and the first overseas production was built in Taiwan."Nissan" Concern has its own fleet, and due to this fact since 1976 the company became the largest supplier of cars in the world.Over the years, «Nissan» teamed up with other car companies (Volkswagen, Renault and others.).To date, the company's production facilities are located in 20 countries, including - in Russia.

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make "Nissan" in our day?

Countries that produce Nissan - is first and foremost - Japan and South Korea, UK, Spain, Mexico, Russia, Thailand.In addition, produce spare parts for cars of the brand "Nissan", the so-called partial series production in some countries of Asia and Europe.

In Japanese factories producing models such as the Nissan Patrol, Nissan Murano, Nissan Juke, Nissan Cube, Nissan GT-R, as well as models, which are not exported to Russia or taken out of production - Nissan Primera, Nissan Maxima, Nissan Tino,Nissan Skyline, Nissan Sunny.In the UK, car manufacturers are producing models: Nissan Micra, Nissan Note, Nissan Juke, Nissan Qashqai (Qashqai + 2).In South Korea, producing Nissan Almera Classic, Mexico - Nissan Tiida, Spain - Nissan Navara.

Nissan Production capacity in Russia

several production is in Russia, where Nissan collect six stamps: Nissan Almera (made with AvtoVAZ), Nissan Teana, Nissan X-Trail, Nissan Pathfinder, Nissan Murano, Nissan Terrano.

first plant of this company in the Russian Federation was opened in 2009 near the northern capital, it is called "Nissan Manufacturing Rus", although the official representative operated in Russia since 2004 (company "Nissan Motor RUS").It produces such lineups "Nissans" as the Teana, X-Trail, Murano, and starting in 2013, and Nissan Almera.After combining the concerns of the French Renault and Nissan in 2014 the production of Datsun was opened in Togliatti.Where

produce Nissans imported into Russia (except for the local automotive plants)?The answer is - in Sunderland (United Kingdom), the plant "Nissan" in Japan.And on the basis of the latter produces the machine with the "right" driving.

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