What is the " Mercedes " ?

Как выглядит "Мерседес"?

«Mercedes» - this is not a cheap pleasure.Cars of this brand are among the best."Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft" - is a company, which is known since 1900 the release of the brand Mercedes cars.

How does Mercedes - description

cars of this brand can be found on the famous and original logo.As a mark and symbol of cars of this brand, all well-known three-beam star "Mercedes", was patented in 1909 and used in the hood of the car as it is a symbol, a business card.

cars of this brand are known for excellent design and comfort.At first glance, the cars themselves are not large, but when you sit down in the lounge, you realize that the place is actually a lot.The company "Mercedes" there is no particular limitation in the field of design.They boldly experiment that attracts buyers.Lights from Mercedes can be of different shapes.On average, they were small sized.The front is decorated with light technology boomerangs special LEDs, harmoniously complementing tape daytime running lamp, which are on the bumper of the car, a little above the side air intake.

On some vehicles the company "Mercedes" emblem mounted on the hood and on the other - on the grill, which is also in its very original.On Mersedes-Benz emblem may be this: the most famous of its components - three-beam star, which is considered a symbol of unity and excellence products well-known company.This sign is very easy to learn.How do


company "Mercedes" produces not only cars with premium, but also buses, trucks.As for how to collect the Mercedes, we can say that the assembly of cars of this brand are subject, on what class owned the car.For example: A-Class: Germany.B-Class: Germany, Juarez, Mexico.C-Class: Bremen, Germany, Sindelfingen, Germany.This is one of the main gathering points of the car.

To produce "Mercedes" company very seriously.Everything is very carefully checked.The assembly is carried out at the plants using expensive and proven technology.For the company it is important that the client was pleased with the design and comfort of these vehicles.The scope of the company is significantly expanding activity.