How toned lights ?

How toned lights ?

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How toned lights?

emphasize the individuality of the car under the force of each owner, with just tinted headlights.Moreover, it can darken as the front and rear optics machine including lower and fog, and a stop signal at spoiler.There are two ways of how toned lights: by painting and tinting film.

  • first method is quite practical, because if you need to remove the tint, can not do, and then it will be necessary to change the optics without headlight damage.
  • When tinting headlights film, if necessary rastonirovaniya to do so can be easily and as quickly as possible, and at any time.

As the lights toned film

  • To begin, prepare all the necessary: ​​
    • dubbing Lenka;
    • screwdriver;
    • sealant;
    • industrial dryer;
    • industrial alcohol.
  • There are several ways of how toned rear lights, but for self-tinting is better to resort to the film glued onto the glass lights.To begin this work should be to draw from the battery negative terminal.Use the instructions in the maintenance of your car and, following the instructions of the section entitled "Electrical", disconnect the wires at the back lighting.
  • At this point, disassemble the rear lights.Prepare the usual industrial dryer: putting in the necessary position switch, preheat it to 300 degrees.Now place the sealant compounds on the body smoothly and evenly warm.Keep the heater at the seam and run through it at least five times in order to completely melt the sealant.
  • Disconnect the body and glass lights (can use a screwdriver if necessary), and has not happened yet hardening sealant, carefully smooth out all the joints of the resulting residues.If there is no special cleaning agent to clean the headlights can be conventional industrial alcohol.
  • Prepare a special dubbing film.The best course is only glue of high quality material with a polymeric plasticizer, and 85-90 percent light transmission, providing uniform color lights under all lighting conditions.Violation of these standards may cause a showdown with the traffic inspectors.
  • Begin evenly and gently (so as not to have formed kinks) stick dubbing film on the glass surface lights.
  • finished, collect the lights and place fastening screws, seal the sealant.If you have any vibrations in the vehicle it will prevent unwinding of fasteners.Glue along the glass surface of the lamp housing and sealing tightly pressing them at the same time.Secure in this position for the period specified in the operating instructions of your sealant.He waited until the joints harden, re-install the light fixture in place and connect the terminals and wires.Check for availability.

Note: The same way you can toned headlights of his car.