How to configure a TV antenna?

How to configure a TV antenna?

Indoors propagation is completely different than in open space.As a result of the interference of the magnetic field in the room is expressed more clearly.That is why the setting of an indoor aerial is a fairly time-consuming and troublesome process.And before you set up an ordinary antenna, will have to fulfill some requirements and make certain manipulations.Setting up the antenna

  • First of all need to install the indoor antenna near the TV better right on the unit.It is advisable to place the antenna near a window or balcony.The ideal situation would be if the windows are located just to the side repeater towers.If
  • of this image is not improved, try on - move the antenna around the room, you may be able to find its optimal location at which the TV will give the best image.Wrap the antenna should be slowly, carefully watching for changes in image quality on the screen is not only horizontally, but also up and down.It is necessary to remember or write down, in what position the antenna, and at what point in the room was the best picture quality.
  • Then you need to put forward gradually vibrators MW telescopic or as they are called by the people "whiskers" on the length of the antenna, in which the screen turns a good image.It should be noted that depending on the channels of the "whiskers" length is often different.You need to choose the right angle of divergence between the "mustache", thus achieving the best quality of channels in the whole image, so that later do not have to make the setting each time you change them.

Set up an antenna for UHF channels

  • Wondering how to set up the TV antenna for UHF channels - range, you can try to move the entire body of the antenna in the horizontal plane, while on the TV screen does not satisfy your image will appear.If an indoor antenna is equipped with gain control, you should choose a position controller, in which the image will be the best.
  • necessary to change the position of the antenna in the room when switching from one channel to another.In addition to the additional picture settings you can adjust the position of the "whiskers", the angle between them and their output.If necessary, you can use the tuning amplifier gain control.Also, do not forget that for active antennas need to enable the power supply to the network, then his body will light up LED.

If you can not tune the antenna

sometimes that you do not do the image quality is obtained unsatisfactory.In this case, you should consider buying an external antenna, but in some cases the antenna can be and do with it.In order to find this out, you can ask a neighbor of his indoor antenna, and if it will display well, you will need to purchase a new one.Now that you know how to set up the antenna on your TV, and enjoy a good image on your screen.