How to arrange an accident ?

How to arrange an accident ?

accident, regardless of its severity, is unpleasant in itself.And much more uncomfortable if you get a refusal to pay the insurance company due to incorrect or incomplete documents drawn up on a traffic accident.And in this situation absolutely does not matter whom these documents have been filled: DPS officers or motorists.To avoid disputes with insurers, it is necessary to know how to make an accident.

Proper paperwork about the accident and possible without the presence of specially authorized bodies.It is no secret that a simplified system of settlement of such situations has many positive aspects: time savings, both in the execution of all necessary certificates and waiting for special employees or presence in the analysis group.

We make an accident

How to arrange an accident and you need to consider?Contents of the documents can be an accident without the presence of the traffic police, but it is obligatory to observe the following circumstances:

  • only property damage received by a traffic accident;
  • Participation in an accident only two vehicles;
  • presence of a civil liability of owners of car insurance by the federal law ( "Compulsory insurance of civil liability of vehicle owners");
  • all circumstances: the list and nature of damage to cars should be fixed in the notice of accident (such forms of notification are filled with drivers of vehicles), as well as all the circumstances of the injury.

Blank notices a traffic accident must be filled by drivers of both cars and they also have to certify their signatures accident scheme and the circumstances of the injury, as well as indicate the nature and the list of available (visible) damage.Further, this completed form, to which is added the statement of the victim to the amount of loss was determined to be recoverable, all sent to the insurance company which insured the culprit accident.Contacting both insurance companies is strictly prohibited!

is important to remember and understand, before the issue accident without GAI that the insurance company is much stricter checks all documents and closely examines the circumstances of the incident and how properly executed notice of a traffic accident.

If you know how to make an accident without traffic police, then engaged in an independent design of such documents, you need to be sure of the authenticity of all the documents of the second party to the accident, as well as the correctness of their execution: documents must be valid, and the period of the action, and on termsinsurance.The driver must be entered in this policy, and money under the policy must be in the company-insurer.Be sure to check the presence of the certificate of registration, license and passport.

is important not to forget the most important and significant document in order to avoid trips to the courts - a certificate of GAI, which confirms the fact of the accident.In case of differences in the nature and list of damage to vehicles, as well as causing damage to property as a result of a traffic accident, the formulation of a document must necessarily be carried out in the presence of the relevant authorities.

documents in an accident

Let's see what documents are issued in place road accident.It does not matter whether you are making them yourself or are engaged in the police, in any case, for himself need to know the full list of documents to be drawn up in an accident, so you save time and nerves.

police officer, after the protocol is required to give you a copy for your receipt.The same may request a copy of the injured person.When an accident which resulted in serious consequences: a major material damage, the presence of severe injuries and average weight loss of life, should be written the following documents:

  • inspection protocol and verification of technical condition of the vehicle;
  • information about the accident;
  • explanation car drivers who are involved in an accident, as well as evidence of eyewitnesses;
  • act of a medical examination of the alcohol or drugs involved in the accident;
  • Moreover, the site is necessary to issue a certificate for an insurance company form №31 and №12.It can also be a form №11, but often it does not indicate the direction to blame.

All these documents, except for the certificate of eyewitnesses of the accident and explanations of other participants, must be made in the presence of the driver, and with his direct participation!