How to sheathe the wheel ?

How to sheathe the wheel ?

Steering Wheel for many - is the main part of the car, without which it is impossible to control his "iron horse".Therefore I'd like to always look presentable and beautiful.Ways to change and improve the appearance of the steering set, the most popular of them - obtyanut wheel.The hands you can do no worse than the professionals.And if you attach to it a minimum of effort, the result will delight you.You can certainly make a constriction steering any material, preferably one that would be combined with the interior of the car.But it is preferable obtyanut wheel in genuine leather, asit is sufficiently soft and yet strong.This is what will serve as well, becausesteering wheel - the most used part of the car.

This is truly the most popular way of tuning, but you need to know about how to sheathe the car steering wheel.Usually hauling vehicles is due to the replacement of old worn braids, but often - it is a way to decorate your car, and somehow stand out.Also do not forget about hauling vehicles as part of the overall tuning when the owner can change the shape and the steering wheel.Drag the steering wheel can be any color, as long as it is harmonious looked inside the car.You can also add a contrasting inserts - at your discretion.

methods constriction steering

Because you are limited to their capabilities, and must choose how to sheathe the steering wheel - in whole or in part.The most time-consuming option - full hauling vehicles, with all its component parts.Therefore, we can only make a partial constriction vehicles, for example, only the rim:

  • To sheathe the car rim must be made template, but you can buy special steering wheel cover in the store.But self-stitched trim, give your car a special touch and steering wheel will look individually.
  • There is also a special kit, which includes pieces of skin, having the appropriate size under the steering wheel rim and threads for tightening.Only buy a set, it is desirable in the company store of the brand of your car, so you do not mess up with the dimensions.
  • You only need to pull the leather details on the steering wheel using the thread into the prepared hole, the so-calledthe seam.If you are not sure of the strength of the yarn, it is possible to use the fishing line.This process is quite wait rim steering skin takes no more than 1-2h.
  • parallel can be made thicker rim.To do this, you must be wound on the steering wheel rim splenitis or other suitable soft material, and only then pull the rim wheel.

Padding steering with your hands

Padding steering requires specific knowledge and appropriate tools and materials.Therefore, you need to know first how the future will look like your steering wheel - from the continuous web or with inserts.You can even make a sketch.Also, before obtyanut steering wheel, you need to have:

  • 1 medium skein masking tape or masking tape.
  • Food foil or cellophane.
  • marker, preferably black.
  • Stationery knife, sharp as possible.
  • Heavy monofilament thread.
  • Cardboard average density.
  • Sewing strong needle.It is advisable to take the Soviet, becausetoday can bend.
  • Middle thimbles size 2 pcs.
  • Thick soft leather.

No matter what material it is you're going to obtyanut wheel, steps will be similar.First you need to make a pattern:

  • Before sheathing leather steering wheel, it is necessary to observe all sizes, not to overdraw the material.To do this, wrap the steering wheel wrap and then wrap masking tape on top.This is the basis for the pattern.It is necessary to mark the marker all the details.
  • Then you need to cut parts of the masking tape and the need to leave for the night.It is better to put the parts under pressure, so they acquire a suitable flat shape.The form may eventually not be very smooth, it does not affect the outcome, sinceLeather - the elastic material, and can be stretched.The final
  • a pattern, after the transfer of parts with masking tape, you need to make from cardboard.Details of the pattern should be numbered to avoid confusion.Only then the pattern can be transferred onto the skin.After that, the details need to cut out using a knife stationery.Doing all you need as carefully as possible.
  • After cutting, you can even "try" obtained on the steering wheel to verify that the size and other nuances.
  • parallel, you can get rid of the scroll wheel on a steel base, the so-called"Progazovki".For this use an epoxy resin, it will quite as well as the correct steering wheel hauling.
  • Since obtyanut wheel should be soft skin, this skin should be kept for about 40 minutes in warm water.
  • Staple going strong thread, be sure to check that it is not torn.Indent thus should be 3.2 mm, this will suffice.The pre-test is to sew a piece of skin to test the ability of the machine, needle and thread to withstand such a load.And only after that should start stitching trim steering parts.
  • To skin was tightly fixed, you should definitely use the adhesive at the edges.Better to take the glue "Super moment" or other special and safe glue.
  • constriction horn steering should be made a continuous piece of wet leather.On the back of the steering wheel also need to pull the skin thread and glue the edges with glue.
  • glossing drag handlebars need to treat it with a suitable wax.If the sale you will not find it, you can use this cream for shoes, which also must be part of wax.The cream you must first break the couple, in a suitable container, and a warm and liquid cream on the skin.After this process the surface is steering flannel cloth.

Padding steering at home will be much cheaper than a similar procedure in the studio.As disadvantages of this method can be called an uneven seam badly treated edge of the rudder, and other shortcomings.If you do not pay attention to it, if such a method - for you.Well, if you're not confident in your abilities, you should turn to professionals.In the studio, you can specify the type and method of constriction, adding contrasting inserts, and other more complex and, consequently, effective operation of the steering wheel.

Now you know all about how obtyanut wheel with his hands.This will allow you to realize your creative potential and make a trim, as you like.Good luck!