How to configure a TV Samsung?

How to configure a TV Samsung?

Samsung - one of the leading manufacturers of household appliances and digital devices, so if your home is modern TV, then with 30% probability, it belongs to the brand.But how to set up the Samsung TV, if you, for example, have lost the manual?In fact, the Samsung settings are intuitive and easy, even though the brand has its own quirks.To make the settings, you will need the remote control and connection to the room or the central antenna.

All settings can be set via the Samsung "service menu", which can be activated by pressing the "Menu" button on the remote control.Take a simple example: you first purchased the TV Samsung, how to set up the channels?Press "Menu" button on the remote and you will see that the default settings set to English.If you do not understand it, change the language.To do this, using the up and down, move the cursor to the "Setup" menu (settings), press on the remote control key "Enter" - in front of you will show the settings window.Move the cursor to "Language" (Language) and select the Ā«RussianĀ» (Russian).Now the TV setup will be much easier.

How to configure 3D

After you install the familiar Russian language channel setup you will not find it difficult - it is enough to press the familiar "Menu" button on the remote, select "Settings" - "search / channel tuning" -"Manual" or "Auto Setup".When auto-tuning, Samsung itself will search for channels and automatically assign them names.If you have favorite channels, give them the first numbers on the remote control, it can also be done using the "Service menu".

But owners of modern technology is more concerned with the question of how to set up the TV Samsung 3D.To do this, click "Menu", and "Service menu" select "Image" section - "3D" and press "Enter" key.In order to view the video in 3D, you'll need special glasses Active Glasses are sold separately.

How to adjust the picture and sound

If the picture seems too light or dark, you can also adjust the image.Samsung TV allows you to change the color settings.To do this, go to the already familiar "service menu" using the "Menu" button on the remote control and select "Image" menu opens with various options."Contrast" is responsible for the ratio between the brightest and darkest image, "Sharpen" allows you to adjust the sharpness of the image, "Brightness" allows you to make the image brighter or darken it, and, finally, the "color" can make the colors vivid or faded, until the blackwhite mode.By moving the cursor you can change the value up or down.If you think that the picture has become worse, and you can not correct it for the better, go to the item "Clear Image" and press Enter - your settings will be replaced by standard factory.

Samsung allows you to adjust the sound.To adjust the sound quality, go to the "Service Menu" in the "Settings", "Sound".Here you can choose the quality and sound transmission scheme.In modern models of Samsung TVs have an equalizer?Dolby Surround and function.

As you can see, the TV setup is not difficult.However, there are many items that just need to remember.Do not forget that the store television set in advance, but how they show themselves at home - it is quite another matter.Therefore it is impossible to believe that seller said that when he presents a particular model.It is necessary to set up the TV as suits you.And, of course, it is useful to know how to tune your TV set at home, because you never know what can happen with the current settings.