How to sheathe the car interior ?

How to sheathe the car interior ?

How long have you bought your car, and mainly engaged in repair only parts of the car?As always subject to repair the most vulnerable places of the car: the chassis, wheels, changed the filter, it is possible that something in the engine repaired.But the interior of your car has not been modified since that time bought a car?As usual, some of the interior worn out and need replacement.However, you and so want to upgrade facilities.Of course, you can do it at any garage, but will have to spend considerably.If you want to save, you can do it yourself.This article will examine how to sheathe the interior of the vehicle himself.

So, give it kind of interior parts, namely the door, seat, armrests, ceiling, floor, steering wheel and dashboard.It is their need to sheathe and in new ways.I must say in advance that it was not easy.But patience and desire, you can do everything yourself.

choice of materials

Perhaps, to begin with, what materials need to sheathe salon.You can select one or more of the following materials: leather, leather, fabric, suede, alcantara, flock, Carpet, tapestry and fabric ceiling.We describe the most used materials.For example, the Carpet.It is a non-woven material has a different outer surface.It is used for covering the passenger compartment, subwoofers and some items in the trunk.This material has good heat and sound insulating properties.Besides, on its outer surface has a different height pile, and it may be designed in many different colors.They are very easy to carry out interior trim, more than that, it is cheap.The only drawback - it is a limited range of colors.

In recent years, high demand began to use this material as alcantara.It is soft, velvety and pleasant to the touch.Its plastic provides durability which extends long chemical treatment.With this plastic is microfiber material that forms the basis of Alcantara.This material has a large range of colors, compared to Carpet, in addition, it makes it even patterns.Alcantara convenient sheathing even the most complex shapes.Its flexibility gives many possibilities.

course, you can sheathe the car interior leather.Her car make in two forms, namely structural and smooth.Another important point is that different manufacturers of leather give the skin a different quality.So, the skin of the Asia Europe much worse skin.The advantages for the skin leather interior is durability, reliability, comfort and style.True, hauling interior leather already requires certain skills.It is still a little difficult.

Buying tools

In addition to choosing the material to sheathe the interior of the car with your hands, you need to make a few more moments.First of all, it should be noted that in addition to the purchase of material, you need to examine the details of the interior.For example, doors, and also buy all the accessories that will shape the look of your interior.As for tools, you will need to stock up on special tools for removal and dismantling of skin, as well as handy scissors, knife construction, hair dryer (it will be steamed material) and glue (also should be special, it provides a sound insulation cabin).Special tools can be found in any automotive shop.

After the purchase of necessary materials and special tools, you can begin the long-awaited process - hauling the car interior with their own hands.We need to make a constriction seats, steering wheel and door trim constriction, arm rest, ceiling and dashboard.

process of constriction vehicle interior

The process of replacing the lining is composed of the following stages:

  • removed old paneling;
  • do the job of cleaning the lens from dust and rust if the door;
  • patterns themselves are made with an allowance of about 10-12 mm sizing the edges;
  • applying adhesive to the surface itself and a little glue drying expectations;
  • mandatory degreasing metal and plastic surfaces;
  • herself trim parts;
  • if there were folds, they are steamed hairdryer and smoothed.

Consider the example of the sequence of our parts.We sheathe torpedo.Her first you need to remove.After this step is surface cleaning and degreasing.You also need sanding torpedo.And now you can make a new lining of our torpedoes.We have chosen the material will be glued using the interlining.But first, we need to make itself more properly trim.Take the auxiliary material and make of it a pattern.This is to ensure that when you make a mistake in calculating the size of the pattern, then you minimize the cost of cladding material.That is the wrong cut the pattern from the auxiliary material, attached to the dashboard, see an error and now know what sizes should be the correct pattern.So do all the patterns to a torpedo.After verification, mark the contours of each pattern of the auxiliary material to the desired material, cut and stitch patterns.So, you already have a ready-made case.Next, apply glue to the inner side and stretched on the torpedo.If formed folds, bumps, steamed hairdryer and smoothes.

Then you can proceed to trim the waist down.The procedure is the same.Removed the old paneling.Made-pattern layout for the new cover, checked.Then do the pattern of the base material, stitch and pull on the seat.So gradually brought up to the end of the car accessories.

That is, then shoot trim on the doors.Me a new one.In addition, many doors in the skins of their addition to the main material are all sorts of decorations.These decorations may include other upholstery materials for vehicle interior and define a kind of decoration.Also elements can be made of plastic or even wood.And if you change these elements, it is already necessary to select them according to the color of the upholstery.