How to set up Tricolor ?

How to set up Tricolor ?

It's no secret that the packet Tricolor TV channels received a massive honor and distribution, and on the whole was well received by consumers.However, in any ointment has a spoon of tar and this spoon - it's how to set up the tricolor to view your favorite shows.But, that's not an excuse, that would be sad.You can configure the tricolor on their own TV and it does not cause too much difficulty.

To begin set up satellite.It is necessary in the event that the assembly and installation of the equipment is carried out independently.And also if you want to configure on TV3 tricolor to view channels.If the satellite is set up, you can go directly to the channel settings.

satellite installation

You can start searching for signal.The degree of signal will be displayed in 2-lines display with digits to the right bottom corner of the receiver.

What do you want to achieve?Your task adjust the mirror so that the bands had the greatest numerical value (normally 90 to the upper band and the lower band 60, although still better for the top one hundred stripes and 72-76 for the lower band).First, the same numerical values ​​are equal to "0".

First we need to look for any sign of the signal from the satellite.For this dish slowly hanging on the bracket from the South to the East.Werth little steps as possible slowly, millimeter by millimeter.Remember, the more will be the "small step", the more the possibility to skip the sign of the signal from the satellite, and do not see their own fault.

In addition, the sign may seem not immediately, but after about a second after the guidance (if it is still there, of course).

overall strategy

To configure tricolor channels in the desired fashion, move the plate to the millimeter, waiting a few seconds, if the alarm sign will appear.If the sign did not appear, do the subsequent small step.If the plate has moved such a way that it turned 45 degrees, which means by the signal you really missed the mark, and you can start to move in the opposite direction.

If this is for you the first experiment to set up a satellite dish, then there is nothing unusual about that you were not able to immediately catch the satellite signal and the satellite itself.First 2-3 times still miss all the newcomers, the most important thing is not to become limp.

Hooray!The signal is caught!However, that's bad luck - the band have very small numerical value.The shift to the left and to the right (just a little!) No longer increases the value of the test strips.This means that you need to try to change the angle.Try to tilt down or opposite the lift up.Thus, output the largest numeric value in the test strips.

If the signal level does not grow, then it is necessary to make sure there are no obstacles in the direction of shape, buildings or tree crowns.Also it is necessary to check the correctness of the cable connection to the receiver and converter.

When the value of the indicators was high (it does not have to be 100/100!), How can more securely enhance the heeling angle, we no longer touch it, and will not change.On the bracket make risk that subsequently was easy to find this provision.Tighten the screws and bracket to the mirror is no longer moving.

Even if you no longer need to turn the mirror, this label will certainly help in the future to set up their own tricolor and quickly find the satellite, even if the antenna will move to the specified place, for example, under the action of the wind.

How to set up their own TV tricolor

Now that the sign is caught, is already possible to start the search.Here you need to see what the guys from the houses are traditionally being prescribed all available channels on the receiver before purchasing, so when you buy, you do not necessary.Here is a list of frequencies and channels that are with him are:

Express AM-22 53 * East

channel name signal frequency speed Feed Polarity
fifth channel 10980 5000 Horizon
Country Councils 11031 3750 Horizon
World music, first music, CTC, Home, Muz-TV, Home + 2, STS + 2 11044 44951 Vertical th
HTH, UTR 11096 6400 Vertical th
Belarus TV 11161 5785 Vertical th

These frequencies one after anotheryou need to run a scan in the menu "manual search", then adjust the tricolor channels, and save the scanned channels (see the instructions in the receiver).

All!Skeet set.

Setting TV satellite dish Tricolor TV

  • Connect sat-cable connecting to the LNB in ​​receiver slot.Connect the sensor to the TV (SCART or RF out).
  • If the receiving tank is connected for the first time, after connecting to the network, on the TV screen will see "Language settings" - click "Next".There is "AV output Installation" section;if it is necessary, change the options, if not: click "Next".
  • fall into the sub-channel search in which the lower right corner is the scale option to the satellite (the quality and signal strength).If your antenna is not installed on the satellite Eutelsat W4-set (compass direction - south ± 10 °) according to the scale on the screen;the numerical value of the upper scale is obliged to exist not less than 90% at 70%, lower.Elects a "search type" - "Tricolor TV" click "Next", will search for, and then setting tricolor channels and, upon completion, the screen appears the inscription "Save channel" - "Yes."
  • There is a matrix of "Setting the time", "Shift UTC +03.00 "," Update from the satellite - yes "," Year - current "," Month - current "," Day - Today, "" Time -. Current ""OK" Hit.

How to configure packet Tricolor TV

To set up the entire package of channels offered is not necessarily their tune and store separately.You can do this at the same time and once on the entire package of services.

  • On the panel we press the button "Menu" - the display shows the menu "Installation" - enter the PIN (the default setting is "0000") - select "Auto Search" - further setting plate appears, where in the "Search Type" section, select"Fast", press "Start search" - "Save new channels" - "Yes."
  • «Menu" - "Setting" - PIN 0000 - "Manual Search" - all leave unchanged, in the field "Frequency" - recruit 12174, "polarization" - to the left, "Flow rate" - 4340, "the FEC" - 3/ 4 "Start search" - "Save channels" - "Yes."
  • Next in the "Frequency" to replace the value to 12207, "polarization" - right "flow rate" - 27500, "the FEC" - 3/4 - "Start Search" - "Save channels" - "Yes" then
  • in the "frequency" to replace the value of 12360, "polarization" - right "flow rate" - 27500, "the FEC" - 3/4 - "Start search" - "Save channels" - "Yes."We press on the remote control button «Exit» 3 times.
  • to 150 channels from the list mentioned only working the channels, you need to find the section in the instructions to the receiver "Organize Favorites."

abundance of items in the proposed instructions even if not frightening.Phasing of each passage will not cause much trouble.Upon completion of the entire process of setting Tricolor TV is completed.Just obey the sequence of actions.